Saw my first Bad Boy... and bought it!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by brucec, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. brucec

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    I finally got to demo a Bad Boy mower and it is an incredible machine. Pictures don't do it justice. I was 99% sure I was going to get a toro and was leaning towards a grand stand, but I just hung up with the Bad Boy dealer and bought a 32hp lightning z. Those of you who dog Bad Boy are absolutely wrong about this machine. I got this machine with the 32 hp vangard 60" deck for $8075 tax included, roughly $600 more than a grand stand. Don't get me wrong I loved the grand stand but I was sportin' a 3/4 chubby when when I got off of the Bad Boy! I looked at almost every brand available to me in this area and I knew instantly when I got off of the bad boy I was buying it! Thanks to the LS members for taking the time to answer all of my questions about the bad boy's especially dwost, nosparkplugs, and retrodog, and a couple of others as well. You guys are the reason I love lawnsite and people like you help make it such a valuable tool, Thanks for helping me make my decision! Hey nosparkplugs, I now see why you are so passionate about your machine but don't let these guys get to you. I'll post some pics this weekend when I pick it up. Thanks again to all those that I talked to about bad boy as well as other brands!
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    Sorry about your luck! :D
  3. johnnybravo8802

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    Bad Boy makes barbecue sauce also. Did yoy know that?:weightlifter:
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    $7600.00 for that mower is a great price, I believe your sales tax in Illinois is
    .0625. The 31 Kawasaki would have cost more money but you will find the 32 Vanguard to be unstoppable, the engine power is truly unbelievable. I honestly don't know of another manufacture offering nearly that much mower, for such a low cost.

    Come back and give us all the details after a little seat time.
  5. kb9nvh

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    LOL...well, like I always say, its better to sell barbecue sauce than to actually try to barbecue the driver like my SCAG tried to do to me.:blob2::blob2::blob2:

    Hey look, I added some of those stupid "smiley guys on fire" on the end there..LOL

    BTW, I've got my new lightning Z coming in a week or so...I got the 31Kaw..

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  6. Hawg City Lawns

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    a 3/4 chubby haha did you mean 3/4"? jk
  7. MileHigh

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    I want pics please...
  8. tacoma200

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    Congratulation, hope you get a lot of good hours of of it.
  9. nosparkplugs

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    I was in the same boat myself when I purchased my Bad Boy; excepet I had zero help, never demo'd a Bad Boy, rode a lightning around a parking lot. I got my eyes on the big gas AOS model, but still purchased the AOS diesel sight unseen, only pics until I took delivery. Folks seem to think your sacrficing something if your not running a particular band ZTR, bottom line you get more for your hard earned money investing in a Bad Boy.The folks at Bad Boy should you have questions or need blades,belts or parts will take your order, no need to drive to a dealer, you get free shipping, and great service directly from Bad Boy. Congrats,!!
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  10. those must have been some rookies that put your mower out. Their bunker gear was might shiney


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