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    Have a lawn business in the new england region, but this past winter have spent alot of time in Florida and seen some interesting things that companies people use down there. I went to incorporate a few of them up in the new england region .. one is an attachment that fits to your outtake/shoot of your mower deck.... made of metal acts like a mulcher cover on outtake but has perforated holes to allow grass to escape but small enough for stop rocks and debris from shooting and possibly causing damage. It attaches to mower utilizing the bolts and screws that attach grass catcher attaches and the plastic cover on the outtake, that every commercial guy never uses...

    Can you help me find what they are called and where I can get them


    Also The Cages they put on the front of the trailers attaching to the body of trailer sitting up about two feet above frame so you dont lose trailer space but allows you a place to house gas cans and the like is pretty cool..... I talk to trailer companies in the north and the look at me like I have two heads..
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