Saw the Turf Revitalizer today!!!

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by FIRESCOOBY, Feb 6, 2008.


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    Went to a local dealers expo today and finally got to see the Turf Revitalizer!! MAN...are those things a beast. They had three models there, including the 30" with sulky.

    It is VERY beefy. Looking at the hopper I thought it would be thinner sheet metal. When I grabbed a hold of it, it's obvious these guys take a lot of pride in building these and they believe in "over-building". Every inch of the machine from the hopper, blades, handles, everything is very well built and BEYOND heavy duty.

    David was very friendly and obviously proud of his machines. He showed me how they added weight in the handle of the larger model to help you turn it, and it doesn't throw the balance off at all.

    I'd love to have bought one today, but I wanna see how this drought is going to pan out. I'd have absolutely NO problem recommending them to anyone even though I haven't run them at all. Sometimes you can just tell something is going to work by how it is built and the thought put into it.

    Anyway, I was able to leave with only spending $400. Dealer had the Stihl BR600 for $390 and couldn't resist. Now if I could only figure out how to pay for that 30" Revitalizer and 52" Scag Turf Tiger.

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    IF you check my post i put up pics of a yard that used the revitalizer and that thing did a nice job. the guy who makes it is here so i hope to get friendly with him.i want one or atleast use on a regular basis

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