sawdust in your eyes -helpful ideas

Discussion in 'Tree Service Safety' started by Guest, Nov 29, 2009.

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    face it ,sawdust happens, here are some ideas

    --- when possible cut with the back of the bar

    --- always wear glasses , the screen types don't get scratched,greasy, or sweat fogged,try to find a close fitting wraparound pair
    carry plenty of spares

    --- try not to cut over your head
    ---carry''EYESCRUB '' sterile makeup removal pads they work well, but wash your face first so you don't drag in more dirt
    ---try to stay upwind of your saw
    BEST-take a small jelly jar full of WARM water hold it over your eye and blink as the water leaks out over your face -DO NOT POUR IT
    ---never never rub your eyes- it can scratch them and cause permanent damage --John Rochester
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    As the owner of a Tree Service I deal with this issue on almost a daily basis. Your advice and recommendations are spot on, prevention is the key and there is nothing better than high quality safety glasses. I recently found some made by "Timberland" and they are the best I've found, a little pricey at $14 a pair but worth the cost. I require all of my guys to wear them at all times.

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