saying good-by to scag mowers

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by P&J Lawncare, Jun 2, 2001.

  1. P&J Lawncare

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    well I finally got tired of double cutting all my accounts so I did the unthinkable and decided to demo a exmark last week. The exmark I demo'd was a 60 lazer z with a 23 horse kaw motor. I can honestly say that this mower out cut any scag I have ever been on. No more double cutting ever again this mower discharges grass so evenly that it is hard to believe that your not bagging the lawn. I have always been a big scag supporter because they are so durable and well constructed but enough is enough. the exmark is just a better cutting machine and this is coming from someone who has ran scag equipment for 12 years and I presently use three turf tigers 61 inch mowers one with a kaw 23 two with 25 kohlers. the week that I used the exmark I cut my man hours by 25. If you are using a scag do yourself a favor and try the exmark out it really does live up to it's hype.
  2. awm

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    now wait until u see what it does with doubles on.
    i appreciate the infomative post from someone who ought to know if anybody does. later
  3. Wood Lawn Man

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    Did your Scag's have the advantage decks on them. If not, you could have saved yourself alot of $ and just upgraded. Exmark does make a good machine, but I still believe the new 27hp Kaw with advantage deck is the best mower on the market.
  4. Randy Scott

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    P&J, I have a 60" Lazer with the 26 efi motor, I have been double cutting lawns for the last three weeks so if you think you will never have to double cut, think again. I also am running doubles. It is a great mower but sometimes the grass just grows faster than you think. Obviously you have more knowledge in this field than I do since this is my first year, so I know what your point is though. I was not sure when I started if I should get a Scag or an Exmark. My Exmark dealer was awesome and that's what made me buy their machine. After being on this forum, the consensus appears to lean towards Exmark's and I'm glad I made the purchase. Good luck with your purchase. I would think about getting the 26 efi motor if you get a 60", with doubles on it it loses a little power so I would imagine a smaller motor will be even less. I demoed a 60" diesel and that was awesome. I know next year that i will be getting a 72" diesel. With the accounts I have I could use the bigger machine and the power will be great.
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    p&j lawncare
    how sharp are your blades?are they like the new blades sort of as sharp as a credit card ? i sharpen the new blades before they are
    put on this help a lot with out dbl cutting but with all this rain im
    back to dbl cuts.
  6. SLS

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    I bought a Lazer Z 60" w/23 hp Kawasaki at the beginning
    of the season and just hit the 100 hour mark.

    All I can say is that it has been GREAT and double cutting
    is rare for me (usually done on a new account that is way overdue for a mowing). I do sharpen my blades alot though (about every 10 cuts).

    I don't have double blades on it but as all my clients are serviced every 7 to 10 days single blades seem to work fine.

    This machine really leaves small clippings and with the chute up it disperses them nicely.

    Good luck and happy striping!
  7. awm

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  8. edward hedrick

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    I thought so too. but I modified my STHM with a Baffle kit from
    husq 60 rider and a turbo baffle cuts as well as Turf Tiger I
    demoed last year. Also put on Engineaire precleaner. Cost
    225. Saved $8000 by not buying a new midmount that can't trim under

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