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Sbc or Yellow Book?


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Flint, Michigan
The "yellow book", as it is called, is basically junk. A waste of a bunch of paper. It used to be known as the McLeod, but they changed the name to the "yellow" book, in an effort to sort of decieve people into thinking that they are the original Yellow Pages. Everytime I get one sent to my house, anymore, the first thing I do, is pitch it into the garbage. Why? Because it's like an old pen that no longer works, hanging around. I get tired of grabbing it, only to find that I have to grab the one that works, ANYway. This book has about 1/2 of the advertised companies in it, and USUALLY not the numbers and places I'm looking for. If you advertise in the real yellow pages, there is a decent chance that you will end up in this other book, also. However, if you just purchase an ad in the "yellow book", you will not be in the SBC pages. Whenever I want to shop for something, or research something, I would rather have the book with as many resources as possible in it. That is why, like I said, I have the SBC, and just throw the part-timer away.

Team Gopher

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Hi 60"Dixie,

Here is a quote from this post.

"Anyone who moves in at any time and signs up for phone service get the yellow pages. Yellow book comes once a yr and only to occupied homes. If your looking to do anything more yhan just mow buy an add in the yelow pages. the yellow books a waste of $$$"

J Hisch

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Evansville IN
If you are a small company i would suggest you wait to do any yellow pages ad. reason being if you are not able to return calls or go by to deal with price shoppers it will be more of a headache instead of a help in the early years.


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I used SBC and get good results from them