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  1. JShe8918

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    I have been tring to find out some information on these new CAT 28HP scags. No one has seemed to reviewed one. Does any one have any info on them..
  2. smcunningham

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    from there website;
    The CAT 28hp 3-cylinder, liquid-cooled diesel engine is a perfect compliment to the Turf Tiger. This dependable unit delivers amazing power from an ultra-compact package size. Cutting-edge technology also ensures that the CAT diesel is clean and quiet running. Scag's proven rubber iso-mounting system minimizes vibration from the engine for maximum operator comfort. (CAT 28hp diesel engine projected to be available in Spring 2008.)

    oh yeah found this imfo also;
    Scag Turf Tiger - CAT® 28hp Diesel Engine

    The Scag Turf Tiger boasts a CAT® 28hp diesel engine option to provide you with the best quality engine with optimum performance and long life. This 3-cylinder, liquid-cooled powerhouse features tremendous torque (49.3 lb-ft) to power through the toughest jobs with ease.

    Manufactured to the highest standards, this engine provides the daily reliability professionals can count on, and many hours of productive life. Cutting-edge technology ensures that the CAT diesel is clean and quiet running. Noise levels are low thanks to the redesigned combustion system, and subjective harshness has been reduced to make the engine sound even quieter. Scag adds its proven iso-mount system to minimize vibration for maximum operator comfort. This engine delivers unprecedented power density, along with the traditional diesel advantages in fuel economy, durability, and reliability. Single-side servicing improves ease of maintenance and simplifies the servicing routine (500 hr. service intervals).

    In-line 3-cylinder design for maximum torque and longevity
    Cast-iron engine block and cylinder head
    Cast-iron exhaust manifold
    Glow plugs provide cold starting down to -4 degrees F (-20 C)
    Full pressure oil lubrication system with spin-on oil filter
    Base components designed for extended use
    Industrial grade air filtration system ensures maximum protection of interior engine components
    Commercial grade solenoid shift starter means quick, reliable starts
    Easy, low cost maintenance; 500 hr. recommended service intervals
    Compact size - maximum power in a small, easy-to-service package
    Engine Specifications CAT® 28hp Diesel Engine
    Number of cylinders: 3 in-line
    Bore x stroke [mm (in)]: 77 x 81 (3.03 x 3.19)
    Displacement [L (cu in)]: 1.13 (68.96)
    Horsepower: 28
    Torque Ft/lbs: 51.8
    Lubricating system: Pressure feed with spin-on oil filter
    Engine oil capacity [Ltr (qt)]: 4.9 (5.2)
    Cooling system: Liquid cooled water pump, radiator & fan
    Alternator: 12 Volt, 40 Amp
    Starter: 12 Volt, 1.0kw
  3. mag360

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    We had a ferris with this motor on demo for a few days (61in deck) and it felt a little underpowered (in comparison with a 28hp kubota on a grasshopper).
    I don't know that I'd pay extra for it over the 25hp kubota currently offered.

    We do have the bigger brother cat motor in a skid loader---31.5hp with an extra 500cc or so and it does ok. Probably great on a 60-72 inch mower.
  4. jpiwowar

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    The problem with the cat, is that the yellow paint makes it more expensive than it really needs to be. I also wonder how easy a scag dealer can get parts for a cat engine... KLC99's right in that a 28HP Kubota on a grasshopper will out perform just about any diesel on any other mower. Grasshopper dealers will tell you that Grasshopper is not a "parts line". This means that they don't make tons of money selling replacement parts for the machines. Look in any after market catalog in the Scag section... They haven't done any improvements to their hydro systems.
  5. retrodog

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    Bad Boy has the 35hp 4 cylinder Cat on a 60" or a 72". This thing is a hoss!! $12195!! MSRP
  6. Mowingman

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    from Texas
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    Buying any brand mower equipped with a CAT engine, is just asking for trouble. I don't think I am wrong when I say that NO mower dealer selling these CAT engines is allowed to do warranty work on the engine. Nor are they trained/qualified to do anything with the Cat engines, other than an oil change.
    You will have to take your mower to a Cat dealer to have the engine repaired if needed. How close do most folks live to a Cat dealer? The Cat dealers nationwide, as a rule of thumb, are very busy repairing the construction machines they sell. They could care less about getting around to fixing the engine on a little old mower they did not sell. Ferris is having trouble getting engines fixed on their Cat-powered machines in some places. Notice how Hustler is NOT offering Cat engines anymore? There is a reason for that decision. Part of that reason is lack of support from Cat
    I would not even consider buying a mower with a Cat engine. You really need to check out mowers using Kubota diesels. There are lots of Kubota dealers to fix the engine if needed,and, many dealers selling Kubota-powered machines are authorized service centers for those Kubota engines.
    Kubota is by far the best choice of diesels for use on commercial ZTR's.
  7. bigclawn

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    AMEN Mowingman! This one of the most intelligent comments I have seen regarding equipment on this site!
  8. tacoma200

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    Sounds like some very intelligent advice.
  9. wall

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    What he said !! ,,,,,,, If you go diesel go with Kubota.
  10. quickmow

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    Mowingman is right. Besides, a diesel engine on a ZTR is overkill anyhow. Pay too much for what little fuel efficiency you will get over a gas engine. Of course the diesel will last forever, but how long will the rest of the machine last you? There is a point around 1200-1500 hours when it is no longer viable to run a ZTR commercially and that won't change with a diesel engine. Unless you really need a lot of power, I would just go gas and forget diesel.

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