SCAG 3 WHEELED ZTR to buy or not to buy


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spokane wa
I'm thinking about buying a scag 3 wheel 61 inch commercial mower for my big commercial accounts. someone aproached me with one thats not running currently? Said it just needs a cdi? Yah rite! Has anybody ever used one of these scags? If so what can you tell me abou them? thanks


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Flint, Michigan
Very crude machines. I still have an old Gravely Pro-Master of this type, and it was state of the art compared to the design and engineering of the old Scag version. If you can get a good enough deal on it, yes, these machines WILL cut alot of grass. The thing is though, is without it running, there is no way of telling what you're getting. You can't tell if the motor has bad bearings, the hydros aren't all wore out or needing a new pump or wheel motor, or anything else. This machine would be a big enough risk if it WAS running, let alone sitting nonfunctional.