scag 36" used pricing

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by CHEVYCRAIG, Mar 20, 2006.


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    could use help on mower price deciding weather to buy it so heres the mower.

    2000 scag hydro 36"
    1 spare set of blades, 1 spare belt
    new kawi 14 hp motor ,tires fairly new condition
    no rust, no cracks on deck and no welds
    usual wear the age
    cortractor usadge upgraded to new mowers
  2. gslawncare

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    the guy didn't upgrade.

    It's six years old, same motor. Hope to god it don't have 500 hrs.

    Not quite sure of Scag, but do they have a wimpy model like a Bobcat CLassic.
    the classic has little thin belts instead of the bad boy 2" ers.

    the mower itself is worth 1250.00 to 1750.00 but when you buy it plan to spend 700 quick, on a motor.

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