Scag 36 walkbehind Set up

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    I just bought a used 36 inch scag waklbehind Belt drive i trying to setup the proper Blade height the
    The Deck is in the bottom bolt setting
    And there 4 washers above the blade

    Is this the normal set up and then i use the caster spacer for fine tuning or should i only have Three washer above the blade trying to setup to cut the same heights as my Toro commerical 21 3.25 and 2.75
    P.S. this my first walk behind
  2. caddy029

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    I just bought one too, if you don't mind me asking what you gie for yours?

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    I heard the blades should be up in the deck a bit, not flush with the bottom of the deck. If its flush, take a washer or 2 off the spindle. But hopefully someone who knows chimes in for ya. I could be wrong. I still need to experiment too!
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    BKLAWNCARE LawnSite Member
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    I paid 1800 it 2009 and came with grass catch 16 hp Kawi
  5. Moose's Mowing

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    I have one too, I downloaded and printed the manual from Scag's website. It says for normal mowing operations, set the deck to the middle position. it also says there should be a minimum of 3 spacers between the blades and spindles. I only put 2 in there said for "optimum discharge and mulching" something or other. So if you changes the spacers around, it's not going to hurt the machine, just might compromise the cut quality?

    After that, you can adjust the spacers on the front casters. I did mine in my shop on a level concrete and measured from the bottom of the sharp part of the blade to the floor. make sure all blades measure the same distance to the floor and you should be good to go.

    Check out the clutch levers too, you might need to adjust yours. Mine were all jacked up, but a little playing around with them and the brakes as well, had me up and running in no time. the manuals are free to download, just check your serial number and look it up. its like 50 pages or so.

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