Scag 36" WB Engine Swap ???'s

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by CTservices, Jul 11, 2003.

  1. CTservices

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    You might remember me posting about bad idle on my 36" WB. Turns out the intake valve seat was on its way out...literally. Doesn't look like any permanent fix, I have it 'pinged' in place temporarly, but the engine is going to be replaced. its a kaw. 420v, how bigger can I go, hp. wise? its a 12.5, whats the biggest long block that will bolt in place? 17? 19? Not looking for any modding to make it work, just a long block swap. Thanks for your replies.
  2. PartsGuy

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    Post the engine model & serial #'s and I can look it up for you and let you know what will work in its place

    Parts Guy
  3. CTservices

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    Thanks alot for your help. Below are the numbers.

    Model FB460v

    Code Fb460ves36

    E/no. Fb460vA73072

    If you could, email me at with the part numbers.


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