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Scag 36" WB (Indianapolis) *For Sale*

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I am selling my 36" Belt Drive walk behind. This is the heavy duty commercial version, which is stronger built than a non-heavy duty commercial. Reason for selling is that I just got a 48" WB and don't have room for both.

It fires right up, and needs nothing except regular maintenance. It cuts well and stripes AMAZING (w/out a roller). I can help out with delivery. Depending on location, it may cost the buyer a small fee for time and gas.

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For now, I am open to cash offers, or trades. The worst I can say is no thanks.

This has NEVER been used commercially. I bought it off of a homeowner moving to Florida, and have only used it for my own yard. Always stored in my shed, or with the previous owner, his garage.

Original paint. No hour meter, but less than 500 hours. 5 speed peerless transmission with reverse; no problems with this reliable machine. More pictures available on request.

Offer up!
I posted this on craigslist and got 4 offers. The highest is $1200 cash. Anyone interested?
What do you have to have?
If you mean money wise, $1200-1300. The offer from craigslist has backed down and my highest offer is now 1100 cash.
I understand. I can meet you in northeast ohio for $1270.
I understand. I can meet you in northeast ohio for $1270.
I apologize, WEST Ohio. I'll take 1250
The mower is in great condition. 13 hp Kawasaki runs strong. Bump.
I bought it in the fall, hoping to use it on gated yards. I lost a few of those accounts and gained some more wide open accounts, so I got a 48".
BUMP for nice mower.....Would you take $950
I've got a possible sale pending now for $1200. If this falls through, I might take 1100 if you pick up.
Still for sale as of now.
Whats the bottom line.....
1100. Runs like a champ.
$1000...Meet in Ft. Wayne???
1100, meet in Auburn.
Sold. 1200.
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