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scag 48" ultimate wb


LawnSite Member
Rochester, NY
hey guys i need some advice on this 48 ultimate walk behind im looking at buying. it is a 2005 or 2006. it has been used as a homeowners mower only. no hour meter, but looks to be in good condition. the guy only want 2000 for it. it seems like a steal as long as is works good. i just want some input on those walkbehind good or bad? how they mow on hills and handle in tight areas?


LawnSite Member
Columbus Ohio
is it a hydro? I think they quit making the swu belt drive before 06 or 07. I have run both versions and think they are very nice mowers. I think the biggest down side to them is the weight, I dunno how big of a guy you are but I'm 6' 225 and a weight lifter and there is a very noticeable difference between an ultimate and a fixed deck if you try to lift the front wheels for curb climbing etc. Also, the floating deck only kind of floats, it's mostly just for easy height adjustment. I would think 2000 is a very good price if it is in good shape and with the 17 kawi I'm assuming it has. Good luck!