Scag 48" W/B w/ 15hp Kohler????

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Jackson, MS
i found a 1998 Scag used about a season, i've looked at it, very good condition its a 48" beltdrive with the 15hp Kohler, what i want to know is if this is a good motor on this mower, and if i should get it, he wants 2100 w/out the velke and 2200 with the velke, i hate the velke and want a proslide so if anyonie out there wants a velke for more than 100 bux let me konw might can make a deal


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Syracuse, NY
2100 sounds a little steep.<br>you can buy em for 2799.00 new with a warranty<br>i know dealers pricing varies but this price should be close.<br>yes the 15 kohler is a good engine also..<p>


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You can get a brand new one for around $2750.00. I paid that for mine in 1999, it was a 48 scag with 15 hp Kohler. I traded it in after 1 year and got $1400.00, I would say this machine is worth around $1500.00, pay the extra bucks and get a brand new one, that will also have a warranty.


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you can buy a new lesco 48 in belt with a 14 or 15 kawasaki for $2200. the unit carries a 2 year warranty.<p>GEO

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