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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jamesday, Nov 9, 2002.

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    I have two questions for everyone:

    First, I just purchased a used 99 model SCAG 48" Belt WB Kohler 14Hp with velke in excellent shape for $1400. The mower is really clean and the deck is barely scratched. I used it for a while the other day and it did great. The guy said it was his "backup" mower and didn't need it. I'm very proud of my purchase. Was this price reasonable?

    Second, I would like to really go through it completely since it's pretty much end of season around here. It needs some carb work and various things like fuel line replacement. I'm wondering if SCAG makes a repair manual? Or some sort of service book? I didn't get the book that I guess comes with them new so I'm curious.

    Thanks all,

    James Day
    Magnolia Landscape Management, Inc.
  2. lawnkid

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    I would have to agree that it's a nice piece of equipment.
    I love my Scag hydro. About the service manuals: Yes they do, go to the Scag website and e-mail them about your specific model and # and a guy named Chris Frame should send you like 30 pages of stuff, or you could got to the dealer nearest you and they can usually order it for you. Good luck ;)
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    Great choice even better price. As far as the book goes. Scag does does not carry repair manuals. You could try to contact Kawi directly as I did but their manual for the engine only was about $65 What I did was while walking threw my local sears I found a haynes manual that carried all engines from 5-20hp including the FC420V which is the engine on your machine. The cost about $20.
    Hope you enjoy your machine. Remember Scag simply the best
  4. Good choice scag walk behinds as like tanks and they cut and stripe great.

    it should make you a lot of money
  5. Navig8r

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    Here's mine... hard at work mulchin leaves so I can cram a whole bunch in the Z's bags......... Same machine (14 HP kohler, 48", Belt drive) But older... 7-8 years. This machine had been only used for my own lawn for most of this time (1 acre, with lots of trimming) Very happy with it. I also have the single wheel Velke..... I don't like the effect this has on striping, but it functions very well.....

    lawn mower [01].jpg
  6. jamesday

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    Thanks for the replies.

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