scag 48 what kind of mower

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Heller Landscaping, Aug 9, 2002.

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    scag 48 what kind of mower did you decide on. Just wondering. Hope everything is alright. have a great weekend.
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    Heller-Well, the dealer told me he'd call me. The deadbeat hasn't called and it's friday and they aren't open tomorrow. I'm gonna give them until Tuesday to get it together before I call someone else. He told me that he'd search for the value and then he'd call me back, but I haven't heard anything in days. I think I've got a buyer for the other mower (no, I'm not advertising ;) ), but I want to make sure they're gonna give me what I want for the mower I'm selling. I'm still leaning toward the Metro HP 48". I think I've got dad thinking my way. It'll definately boost productivity even if it is a belt. I'll definately get a Pro-Slide and mulch kit to go with it. I was out driving around and saw a trailer just sitting doing not much of anything. A friend told me to find a trailer that is in not too bad of shape and offer whoever owns it to sell it to you. The guys that don't use them will sell them cheap, but the guys that use them, want alot of $$$ for a trailer! So, I'm gonna talk to the nearest residence of that trailer and see what they think and talk to the dealer and see what kind of price he can give and see if I can sell my current mower, then we'll see what I come out with! Thanks for the curiosity! LOL. Later.
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    Hey Scag 48 I am glad to here everything is going ok. I stoped at a Hustler dealer an he let me try a 48 hydro w/b. I did not feel that I was incontrol of the mower because they don't have brakes and because of the way there handle is set up. When you try your mower out try it in wet grass that is a little high, I have heard of people complain that the belts slip when it is wet and be sure it has revers not revers assist. Glad someone elce wants your mower. As for trailer make sure that getting a title won't be to hard. Heard one guy that bought a cheap one and it took him 6 months to get the title. Hope this helps, let us know.:)

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