Scag 48 won't go straight

Orkin Yards

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Jackson, MS
My 48" Scag is pulling to the right and its getting really annoying, how do i fix this, i have tried a couple things i though would work but doesn't seem to do much good...


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Is it belt or hydro driven?


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Central Florida
Not enough or to much air pressure will cause this. Put more air in right tire.<p>----------<br>Yesteryear L/S<br>Hollywood Fla


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what you have to do is this.... follow the metel rod connected to the brake until you get to the cotter pin.. remove the cotter pin and screw the end of the bar to the left and put the cotter pin back. With this kind of adjustment you just have to mess with the part that screws where the cotter pin comes out turning it diffrent direction untill you get the mower going straight. Whats happening is the right side the brake rod is screw to far up higher than the other side pulling the mower to the right. I dont no if i confused you... if so email me at


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<p>Didn't you have a similar problem with this mower earlier?<p>I believe the handles were moving in and out on there own and the machine was hard to control.<p>If that's happening again, check for mud impacted into the wheel pulleys.

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