Scag $500 bite in the a#$.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by iluvscag, Jun 1, 2006.

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    Ok guys, as I started cutting this year I notice this strip of grass on the trim side being cut 1/2 inch lower. I thought it was just a blade bolt because the mower was a 2005. I put a new blade bolt in and nothing happens. So next day off to the dealer. Drop it off and get it 2 days later. Heres what the service bill said. Spindle assembly replaced, deck out align, and notice a little flat....I didn't really care about the tire at the moment because if I would have wanted that done all I would f had to do was go to the local place and get it fixed for about 5 dollars. So back to the point. All this cost me a whopping 500 dollars? I got the bill and I went back in there and asked them to clarify it a little bit for me. Supposebly my deck was bent also....never happened two certified ag-mechanics go over all of our machiney each year. So does this work really cost 500 dollars?!:dizzy:
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    The deck was bent??? Many manufacturers have a lifetime warranty on the deck. OR they have a 3-5 year warranty on it...sounds like they are trying to zip you one. I'd ask them to send in the claim to Scag and see if it gets paid. If they won't, then my next call would be to Scag personally....imo.
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    Geez.... :confused:

    I literally picked up my 52" Tiger this week for a deck being out of alignment. No way in heck could I get it level, much less the 1/4" pitch. It turns out, that the slot where the adjustment for level was too small. Common sense told me that I should not have to grind, elongate, or remove material to make a minor adjustment, so I held up and took it to a pro before I made it worse. I was wrong in this case. The dealer saw it before and knew right away what the problem was, they elongated the slot.
    They leveled the deck with proper pitch, and adjusted the pumps for tracking and speed while it was there. My bill was $45. They charged me for an hour's labor. I couldn't have been happier.

    I was worried that I had bent the deck also. It was told to me that unless I had a serious hit at a substancial speed, they was no way in hell I could have bent a Tiger's deck. He means a small boulder, a concrete filled pipe, a parking barrier, etc... He said there is no way I wouldn't have remembered a hit like that. Bumping brick buildings, stumps, going over curbs, etc... no way. It's built to handle that stuff.

    As far as the spindle? Unless you didn't grease it, which I'm sure you did, I'd be on the phone to Scag, at the very least. For all the touting that is done regarding spindle durability, I would want some action on their behalf.

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    Ok, two things:

    1) This was your own mistake for first buying such a new machine but more importantly not checking tire pressures first, always do this and make sure all your tires have the same amount of air, this is very important.

    - Yes, it is possible the tire pressure really was the only problem, but maybe not.

    2) If the tire was the only problem and the dealer took advantage of you, that is also wrong. But a spindle assembly is no joke, it costs like 50 dollars just for the bearings, another 100 for other parts and if you let it go after the bearings were worn out, the labor on a spindle takes 8 hours if you're new, 4 hours if you halfway know what you're doing, and 1-2 hours if you've done this a few times before.

    So, parts on spindle is likely 200, labor another 100-150, there's 300-350.
    As for pulling a deck straight, go check sometime how much it costs to get your car's frame straightened if it's bent...

    I'd say the bill is on the money, chalk it up to experience and now you know this is why guys like me keep preaching to all of you to buy a used mower so you can learn first-hand how to do your own repairs. Yes because the used mower is NOT under warranty so you won't be tempted to bother the dealer as much, they do charge an arm and a leg, almost always.
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    If it was 2005 from from an official Scag Dealer, there hopefully could be a portion of warranty that covers this, perhaps.

    Never had that happen in about a couple decades worth of bought-used & abused or Dealer-new Bobcats.
    We thougt more of Scags'. Sorry to hear Iluv.

    In MO State you at least have a right to an itemized bill featuring time, proceedure and parts. You could negotiate further with dealer or involve both your circuit attorney and State Atty.Gen. Jay Nixon (he got a website to file, even!)
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    I got 3 new spindles put on, deck belt and a new type of belt tension lever on my lazer--$550 parts and labor last year(60") Everything was worn out. I have hit the lazer deck on everything and its not fazed one bit
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    You couldn't of used blade spacers? I think that with a combination of that and tire pressure would of done the trick. Ive done it before-famous last words...
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    Sounds like you got jacked, bro. I wouldn't sit down for that if I were you. Good luck getting it straightened out.
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    You got hosed IMO...big time too in fact.

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