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scag 52" vpro or exmark 52" turf tracer hp???ANY COMMENTS ?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by leeslawncare, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. leeslawncare

    leeslawncare LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 649

    Got to get a mower ..my exmark 1997 model turf tracer52". has finally gave up the ghost.I loved it great machine.give me some feedback on your experience with these machines.I'm leaning towards the exmark because of past experience but i can get the scag v-pro a lil cheaper....but cheaper isn't always better.or is it? how has a v-pro an who has the exmark with the bull horns?Mine had pistol grips so it will take some gettin use to either way.Thanks Lee
  2. jdogg399

    jdogg399 LawnSite Member
    Messages: 194

    never test out a v pro yet
    but love my turf tracer 52 lays nices stripes
    no matter whats its on demo and see what you like
    ecs control i love east to get use to
  3. Mike Blevins

    Mike Blevins LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,390

    The Scag Pro-v didn't take off the way they had hoped it would. I know of one here locally and the guy has almost 60 hours on it and likes it. The Exmarks are on ALOT of trailer here. Even if you see a company that has another name brand sit down mower, their walk-behind will almost always be the Exmark hydro with the ECS system. The Exmarks are hard to beat in the Walk-behind market. Don't get me wrong if I was going to get a new walk-behind I would get the Scag but it wouldn't be the Pro-V it would be the SWZ or the SWZU hydros. I had a 36" Scag hydro walk-behind and loved it but I didn't use it enough to justify keeping it so I sold it. Wish I hadn't I sure could use it now on my new accounts. But my answer would be between the Exmark and the Pro-V I would get the Exmark.
  4. ALC-GregH

    ALC-GregH LawnSite Fanatic
    from PA
    Messages: 7,051

    I tried using the Pro V in the parking lot at my dealer. It works OK but your not really connected with the mower. Your hold onto something that floats around and not to the actual mower frame. I can see hitting bumps on lawns and it jogging the controls as you bounce (if using a sulky) or the mower itself bouncing. I'm sure one handed you could get use to it but my point is, your holding onto something that is moving and not stationary on the mower. I honestly didn't like it but was ready to pull the trigger and buy it, had it ordered and everything but called them back the next day and pulled the plug instead.
  5. leeslawncare

    leeslawncare LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 649

    thanks guys for your input.......I like my exmark...but don't know about that v-pro.i'am gonna price that scag SWZU hydro.I'am a pistol grip person(thats all i've had) but i'am sure those bull horn will work..Are they hard to run in bumpy spots?
  6. delphied

    delphied LawnSite Silver Member
    Messages: 2,067

    Have you thought about the Toro Grandstand?
  7. leeslawncare

    leeslawncare LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 649

    The toro dealer is just to far for me to go to for parts service .Have heard good about it but I'm gonna rule it out. but i do thank you for your input.
  8. mowerdude777

    mowerdude777 LawnSite Silver Member
    Messages: 2,735

    If your old exmark lasted that long then they must be better then the scag
  9. leeslawncare

    leeslawncare LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 649

    yes it did but...I'm a part timer(20 accounts)per yr . I have a 40hr job got this machine in 2001 from a full timer .Extreme pm an a lot of luck it has been a good one
  10. FastMan

    FastMan LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 846

    I demo'd the V-Pro last week. That steering mechanism takes some getting used to. Didn't really care for it. Like Greg says, you feel totally disconnected from the unit. I used it on one of my worst hill jobs, and got it done, but never really felt like I had good control of the thing. Also, the handle bars have some type of operator presense sensor that has issues. So sensitive I couldn't wear gloves or it would shut down. Dealer says to me, "yeah, it does that sometimes". Just seems like trouble waiting to happen. I wouldn't buy it. Nice deck though.

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