Scag 61 Stalls When Engaging PTO

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by ralexie2, Apr 23, 2006.

  1. ralexie2

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    Scag 61 Stalls When Engaging PTO

    :waving: Hi There,
    I bought this great machine, Scag 61" with CV22s engine, but ever since I bought it it has had problems. :confused:
    At first, it would run fine and fast , but then it would loose power and backfire. I can start it fine, use it for five or so minutes and then it will die. I start it , but now its hard to start. It will black smoke and I have to keep throttle at middle and play with choke to keep it running. If I do max rpm it will start choking and die again, as if it were getting too much gas, but with the choke half the way closed it makes me believe that is not getting enough fuel. If I fully open choke it will die. I have to keep choke in the middle or so to make it run somewhat OK. Once I stable the engine and I can increase rpm I try to engage PTO and she will just quit on me again. If I get lucky and it engages, I do not have full power and I can only move a meter or so till it stalls again. As if one of the cylinders were not working. :cry: Please, if any one has ideas let me know. I work on cars and I am good at it, but I never had to deal with a small engine before. I guess ignorance on this is not a sin, just lack of knowledge!
    Thanks so much!
  2. lucforce

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    Sounds like you need a carb rebuild.
  3. Restrorob

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    What lucforce said.....
  4. ralexie2

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    Carb Was Replaced and still same problem. I will Have to take to shop and see what they say. Thanks for trying to help
  5. oldgreygox33

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    Possibly water in fuel tank and carb bowl.
  6. PYMLscape

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    What a bummer! Is the machine brand new? How many hours? We may be having some carb problems with our brand new Ferris (we posted a thread this morning).

    It is just so frustrating when it's brand new! Especially when you pull up to a customer's house and the thing is acting wierd.

    Good luck!

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