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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Duncan IN, Aug 8, 2001.

  1. Duncan IN

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    I am considering getting a 72" scag with the 27 hp kaw and I was wondering if any of you have one. I am wanting to get it but I am wondering how well it will stripe. IF you own a sabre tooth how well do they stripe? Any ifo would be greatly appreciated.
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    hi duncan you might cantact the dealer who you are buying it from he has probably sold several.he should tell you how to contact others with this unit. i f he wont they might be a reason. later nowTM
  3. skipwatson

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  4. JLC

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    My dealer said that I would be unhappy with the power. He said the 31 horse Sabre Tooth will bog with the 72 in heavy cutting.
  5. Mr.Ziffel

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    I suggest you search on 'Scag' before you buy one. I have seen many negative posts here.

    In January, I had both a 61"TurfTiger and a 60"Lazer, each with 27LC Kawasaki brought out to demo side by side [from different dealers]. I bought the Lazer and you can read my report if you search on my name from around that time.

    Interestingly, a couple of weeks ago, I stopped by the dealer who had brought out the Scag to look at another piece of equipment and he told me he no longer carries Scag but instead focuses on the Kubota line since they came out with their Z riders. He didn't want to bad mouth Scag, but did say he was quite disappointed in the Scag's mowing results since he had demo'ed side by side against the Lazer. No mention from him on the mechanical or reliablility aspects of the Scag, but that has been mentioned numerous times on this board, especially the wheel motors.

    Use LawnSite to help in making the right decision. I have numerous times and am thrilled with having this resource availalbe to me. I have had to cut hight, wet, thick growth several times with the Lazer and the 27LC Kaw has had plenty of power. Good luck.

    Will M>

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