Scag aerated hydro oil


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Hey guys, just wrapping up doing two wheel motors and a pump on my scag tiger cub, after purging the air out of the system it seems to be good as new, only concern is the hydro oil in the reservoir looks very aerated, is this just small amounts of air still purging itself from the system? Should I start running it or keep purging air, I'm about to put it back on the ground.


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May of solved my own question, I purged the air a few more times, cycling the handles with the dump valves open and then closed, no change the oil was still very bubbly/aerated, took it off the jacks and made one pass up and down the driveway and it cleared up.


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Common. My Tiger Cub does the same thing. It will have micro-bubbles suspended in the oil for awhile. They will eventually dissipate with use, its of no concern.

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