Scag blade nightmare

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by A1 Lawn@Landscapes, Oct 23, 2003.

  1. A1 Lawn@Landscapes

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    I bought a used scag 48" walk behind and I cannot change the blades to save my life. I have even used a breaker bar with a pipe over it and everything turns except for the blade. Is it a reverse thread ? Any hints or help ? My blades are duller than cspan right now. Thanks
  2. ProMo

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    I had one like that years ago before i bought my compressor took it to a tire store down the road and they used an impact
  3. TRex

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    Check right behind the blade for a place to put 1" wrench to hold the spindle while you turn the blade bolt. I am not sure about scag but that is how exmarks are. Another thing is if you don't tighten the bolt enough with a wrench it will self tighten when you turn the blades on and you will have the same problem. Check on the back side of the blade for the place to put the wrench before you take it to a shop so you don't feel silly.
  4. crawdad

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    What do you mean, "everything turns except for the blade"? Do you have wrenches on the top and the bottom of the spindle bolts? Or are you blocking the blade, and trying to turn the bottom, like a small mower would be changed? That's what it sounds like you are doing.
    I put a wrench on the bottom, a ratchet on the top, remove the nut on top, and the bolt drops down.
  5. TLS

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    Soak with penetrating oil (bottom and top) for a few days.

    Get TWO 15/16" box wrenches, the long type.

    Back mower 1/2 way down the trailer gate, and raise the deckup.

    One on top, one on bottom.

    LOTS of STEADY arm horsepower!

    Or, try an impact.

    Most likely the last person cranked them so tight that the bolt and nut seized. The metal they're using today (actually the irridated coating) can be quite soft, and with those BIG coarse threads, have lots of area to seize.

    Good Luck
  6. Jimbo

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    Doesnt make sense that everything turned but the blade. Thats what should happen???

    How much bolt is sticking through the nut on top?? It should be only a few threads. If its more someone might have not used the blade spacers and has the nut jammed too far onto the blade bolt. An impact and penetrating oil would be your best bet.

  7. mower_babe

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    RIGHTY tighty, LEFTY loosey. ;)

    I am sorry, that wasnt very nice. hint: we use an impact to put on and off. hope it helps. good luck.
  8. Rustic Goat

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    Something is not right with this picture/description.:confused:
    Nut/bolt are NOT reverse/left hand threaded.

    Sorry, gotta, ask. Are you positive you're loosening in the correct direction, didn't get mixed up working from the bottom did you?
  9. CSRA Landscaping

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    Hehe ... I doubt a used scag wb would be reverse threaded BUT ... the new cougars are. ;)
  10. PetalsandPines

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    I guarantee that your spindle bolt is bent......Whenever i hit something with my scag blades and a bolt is bent, it is nearly impossible to get the nut off....the other day, I had to dremel / cut off disc / the nut off my turf tiger
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