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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by scottm1, Dec 9, 2007.

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    Can you guys that are experienced help me decide which blade and under what circumstances to use each blade. I have learned a lot while reading this site, but also learn so much that it leads me to more questions about some things too. I never realized how many different blades there were until I started reading here, and I also never had a good mower before. Is it better to stick with oem blades from Scag because they are better, or are they not better? I also see Scag offers straight blades, high lift blades, and also mulching blades. Currently for the fall leaves I have the chute blocker on and have NAPA razorback blades on and it seems to chew up the leaves really well. Of course I have never used any blades from another manufacturer other than the standard straight blades that came on my mower for normal mowing to compare. Somebody told me that the NAPA razorback blades are the same as Gatorback blades and are made by them. I have no idea. Does anybody know if this is true or not. I was just hoping someone with personal experience could tell me what brand is best under what circumstances. I also realize this is a lot or personal preference, but I really don't want to go out and buy $200.00 worth of different brand blades to find out what you guys probably already know. Thus far, all of you guys here have helped me a lot in making the decision on the mower I bought with no regrets, and I have no reason to think you would steer me wrong in blade choices either.
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    I have a 2007 Tiger Cub with a 26 hp Briggs and when grinding heavy wet leaves about a foot deep it will bog down just a bit, but then I disengage the cutting deck or move to an area with less leaves and all is well, I have regular high lift blades that came with the mover and do not care for mulch blades. (since I'm cutting as well as grinding leaves as well as collecting them into a grass catcher )
    My question is do you bog down with the 29 hp when gridding wet leaves under peak conditions. Probably should start a new thread but just trying to gauge if the 3 hp makes that much of a difference. Thanks in advance for any feedback.
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    I run Scag with outlet closed and you can drive backwards over leaves or tall grass and it cuts easier .....stuff get thrown out so you will have to go over it more times but it is good for first pass. I am sure people that see me doing this wonder but it works.
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    I think in different parts of country with different grasses each take a different blade style /setup . My self up here running the walks and the ztrs on northern grasses i run on each machine during normal grass season ( before leaves) .2 inside chambers standard blades and on discharge charge side i run a high lift . This set up works for me and really throws grass clippings and yes i run the scag OEM blades they may cost a little more but seem to last longer too
  5. Mike Blevins

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    I ran the "factory" high lifts during the regular mowing season. This fall I used the Eliminator blades from Scag for leaves . I agree the Scag blades are better. I have used j-thomas and some other after market brands but found the Scag oem blades are the best.

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