Scag can't get the blades to engage

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Yazoo50, Jul 1, 2009.

  1. Yazoo50

    Yazoo50 LawnSite Member
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    Just bought a 05 scag 36. got the engine to run smooth but when i pull the knob to engage the electric clutch the engine just dies. i have the engine runing at full speed. i took off the belt and everything seems to well lubricated and spin well. but when i try to engage again without the belt i get the same thing. thoughts/suggestions?
  2. SamTheLawnMan

    SamTheLawnMan LawnSite Member
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    I hope you got a REALLY good deal on this mower....Looks like you may have more problems to come....Hate to say that, but thats what it seems to me...
  3. greenred

    greenred LawnSite Senior Member
    from IL
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    Sounds like it might be a bad safety switch somewhere.
  4. TaylorLawn

    TaylorLawn LawnSite Member
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    If you want to start troubleshooting and start from the least expensive check your pto switch...If that is testing positive move down to the connection that veers off to the clutch and test that, if that is operating properly and you are getting power down there you might need a clutch....I have the same mower and recently had to replace the clutch because I was experiencing the same issue, so I went from the least expensive item and the problem was actually the most expensive item..

    I may not have read your post properly that I have re-read it I realize that you say your engine is turning off when you pull the PTO....Do the blades attempt to engage before the engine dies??? If that is the case then I agree with the safety switch suggestion...
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  5. tjlco

    tjlco LawnSite Senior Member
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    safety switch....somewhere
  6. k-man

    k-man LawnSite Member
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    IF it kills out as soon as you hit the pto it has to be a safety switch.
  7. TL Yardcare

    TL Yardcare LawnSite Member
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    this happened to me also.. if its a w/b its the pto. check under the control panel and move the operator presence lever up and down and you'll be able to see where the button is that it pushes. i temporally folded up some paper towel and zip tied it in there but its nothing permanent.

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