Scag Cheetah - Carbon Canister Filter-


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When I was cleaning my Scag Cheetah off after mowing today, I noticed the filter missing on one of my carbon canisters. I believe "Dirt Filter" is written on the canister on the top piece where the filter goes.

Is that quarter sized filter available? If not, any ideas on how I can make one? Seems silly to replace the entire part for that small piece.



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See what the mechanics on here say but I wouldn't lose sleep over it. I am sure that you could make one out of something. Roofing ridge vents sometimes have a similar material. Also if you have a metal roofing supplier nearby, they have breathable venting material sold in small pieces for in between roofing and a cap. Or a piece of a furnace filter may work too. If you can't cut something that will insert fairly tightly to hold, you might be able to just wrap a piece over it and tie it tight with a string or ziptie.


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go to a scag dealer. they may have a broken down cheetah in the back that they use for parts. it's worth a shot. you could always buy a piece of felt and cut it to size or something like that.

there's actually 2 pieces. a little white piece and then a green piece over the top of it. the purpose is to keep dust from getting into the filter. that's all it's really there for.