Scag Cheetah or Ferris 3100

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I run all Scag Mowers so I admit my bias. The Scag Cheetah is an awesome mower with the suspended ride and speed it offers. Scag's suspension will not effect the cut when it starts to wear. The ferris decks are 10ga. vs 7gauge on the Scag. I'm sure the Ferris is a nice machine, I think the Scag is made better.


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i demoed the cheetah in July. the only thing i didn't like was the gas tank covers over the tires so you cant see them. the reason i didn't like that is when you turn i like to be able to see my tires it kinda helps with not making turn marks.


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I don't know. They are a toss up in my opinion. Demoed and mowed with a cheetah. I also drove a ferris around. To me the cheetah seat fit me better. It was sitting on my couch. The hydros are great and smooth. I didn't think the ferris hydro was as smooth, but very comfortable as well.
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I had a Ferris 1500 pre-ICD. Now have a Scag Vride. The Scag suspension seat seems like a better desing to me. You might want to look for EFI too. Either machine should be stout. So, get the one with the better price!