Scag cheetah review!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by johnnybravo8802, Mar 22, 2011.

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    I don't think the hill slippage or stability has anything to do with COG or stance. I believe it was caused by running in high gear. Kinda like riding a dirt bike in high gear on a hillside, its going to feel scary. Low gear is the primary gear and high gear is only used for wide open flat mowing and transport according to scag. I'm really waiting for the retest in low gear. After that I will shut the heck up and accept the results.
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    im a toro guy but for me speed and comfort is all that matters .by the end of the day i was mowing all my lawns at full speed. and it felt painless
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    when ever we get rid of the snow and the grass greens i have arranged to demo the cheetah on some hilly bumpy crap. i will make a video of it and post it on here. i think i know what the results will be already
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    For anyone who is interested, outside to outside width of the cheetah is 54 1/2". I don't have my TT around for comparison. Even if the TT is technically the same width, it feels a lot wider. I know for a fact that the cheetah is higher off of the ground by, at least 2" and that gives it a higher COG. Naturally, a machine that has a higher COG is going to feel narrower. Even if it's not, the traction is not good on the machine compared to the TT. When I give a review, you have to remember that it's only my opinion and you can take it anyway you like...just info. I'm providing. However, my opinion is based on 32+ years of actual seat time on just about every brand out there. I'm not just testing these in my back yard, I'm using these machines 12 hours/day 6 days/wk to make a living full time. I've actually owned a Ferris IS4000 and I was using Hustler back in 98' before they were even big on the market and people knew they existed. I've owned 3 Exmark's and so I can give an accurate comparison there also. Unless you can get directly off of a cheetah after riding it for several and get onto a TT, you're comparison is not going to be the same as mine. You're needs may be different with a machine but when I test one, I put it into the conditions that I mow in. I do a lot of industrial mowing so I expect a lot from a machine...running non-stop for 12 hrs, hopping a ton of curbs, rough mowing, lots of steep embankments, etc. Again, it's only my opinion and I do feel the TT is a much better built machine.
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    To the gentleman stating the Cheetah he test drove did poorly on hills, what was the tire pressure set at? Did you bother to check? Reason I ask is because the two 61" Cheetahs I bought were doing "ok" on fairly steep hills but would occasionally slip. After the first day of running them, I noticed the tire pressure was set at 24.5 PSI out of the crate. Put them down to 12 PSI and it made a world of difference.

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    you are right about the cog . the tanks are on top of the wheels instead of under the seat. im sure it may sit higher because of the strut. but i dont get this narrower feeling. it either is or is not. scag is giving up a low cog for improved comfort. i can be a little more careful on hills to be more comfortable. the improved speed makes it a no brainer.cheetah.
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    I thought the Cheetah I drove had a smoother response than a TT. But that was only for a couple of mins on each one.
  8. johnnybravo8802

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    That's a thought....did not check the tire pressure. I run my TT at 12PSI. I'll have to check it.
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    Hillside slippage has more to it than cog. If you take the cog and outside tire widths it makes a triangle. The angles is what is important. The tire end needs to roll a bit but not too much to bite a hillside and get correct grip.

    If cog is too high it will roll the tire too much, machine may flip, or the top wheel gets too light and loses traction also.

    If the cog is too low the tire won't bite and the mower will slide. I think this is why my 72" super z slide on hills so much as it didn't roll the tire.

    The tt rolls on the tire just right which why it does so well. On tire psi my tt I run 8psi, the cheetah had 8psi. I rode my tt right before and after the cheetah.
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    I have to subscribe to this thread. I bought 2 cheetahs and got rid of 2 super Z.
    I got sick of the xr7 cut in wet conditions and crap grass. I love the velocity deck! The cheetahs ride great but don't handle quite as well as the supers.
    I adjusted my steering dampeners to the softest of the 3 positions. This makes them more responsive but maybe a little jerky.

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