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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by johnnybravo8802, Mar 22, 2011.

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    loot size was 15000 sq feet it was mowed and baged in 2 1/2 hours. trailer unloaded all said and done i can do 4 to 6 of those a day depending on factors such as rock/debris in yard. how wet the grass is ect ect.

    the blades i use are super hard and hold a edge really nice tell you find a rock than they shatter in to a bizzlion peices.. it's not exactly sexy but it pays the bills
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    To answer your question, it just appears that the back of the machine is less beefy than the TT and, overall, the metal appears to be slightly less may be just my imagination. Yea, the front has double railing but the front casters are just one tube versus the double area of the TT.

    No, you see, it feels like you're dealing with a bunch of 2nd graders on here instead of adults.....the want to argue instead of learn useful info. They are too ignorant to realize that a review is nothing more than an impression of one' person's take of a machine. When I say it's narrower, it may not be technically, it just feels that way to me. If someone wants to find out, go buy a machine. If someone on here wants to buy a machine to mow embankments all day and they're crossed between the cheetah and TT, I say buy the TT. A review is there to prevent someone from spending their hard earned money on the wrong machine. You'd think common sense would tell a person that. People on here can't see when someone is trying to be helpful. I guess that's what you get in a profession where there doesn't have to be any education involved. I shouldn't be surprised.
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    and we also get, on this entertainment site, self annointed "experts" in everything from machines to what type of underwear is appropriate...
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    Best site ever! Thanks for the review. Now I have a few things to try when I demo a Cheetah
  5. johnnybravo8802

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    You wear underwear?!!!!!!!!!:laugh:
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    could narrow suspension tray with the seat and operator leaning to the side on hills (suspension sideways squat) gives such feeling?

    i think hand shifter - bad idea; having zt5400 - infinitely variable transmission (ivt), they using it only like regular two-speed shifter gearbox - basically all advantages of transmission and ivt or cvt - smooth transition from low speed/ high torque to higher speed/lower torque - down to drain

    i don't believe many would shift "gears" all the time, unless you stuck on the hill for a long while - especially new employees for sure will run hills on high gear/low torque, straining hydraulic system and the engine

    husqvarna set it better - levers for low gear and left foot pedal for override (high gear) - seamless transition
    in the future - the best either to set higher "gear" control similar to husqvarna or simply get reed of shifter or pedal altogether and connect variable displacement pump and motor control cables to the levers forward-end position directly
    + they can emphasise in manuals and put large decals in lever areas (where now "forward-reverse" decals): "low speed/high torque; high speed/low torque", "transport speed", etc)

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    I currently have a 2001 Hustler Z but looking to upgrade to a Super Z, but before I plunk down 10K on a piece of equipment I'm going to demo a Ferris IS3100, Exmark Lazer, and a Scag TT. None of the local Scag dealers have a Cheetah for me to check out, but one of them told me that the Cheetahs they have demoed were weak in the field, struggling for power. In addition to that he described the demo units like they were some sort of proto-types that didn't have some of the bugs worked out yet (but he didn't elaborate when he said that). I do cut some hills that only the Super Z has been able to hold (Cub Cadet Tank, Bobcat, and Kubota all either failed to hold traction in part or completely), so stability and traction are an issue, but I sure would like to try a Cheetah out for myself before pulling the trigger.
  8. Maple Wood

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    I have 2 cheetahs that I bought this spring. They replaced 2 super Z's. I have some steep areas that max out what you should ever do with a mid mount. The cheetahs will do everything that the Z would. They are better going down a hill that a Z and not as good going up (wheelies). Side ways they are about the same or better. As far as power goes, I have the 31 Kawi. and at first I would have said that they are gutless but they are breaking in and doing fine now.
  9. MJB

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    I'd demo both the new Super Z and the Scag TT. I don't know how good the Ferris is but the ICD deck looks promising, I don't know if it hold hills as good though.

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    The dealer I spoke with wasn't bashing Scag by any stretch, but he said after the first "prototype" failed to cut as well as he had expected that he had reservations. When the sales rep brought him an actual production Cheetah the dealer said it performed better, but still not near as well as his Exmark 29HP in a side-by-side cut comparison. His claim was that the distributor was about 30 yards behind him after a 100 yard cut. I realize this is just one dealer's experience, but I thought that it was worth taking note of, especially since the TT is industry proven. I'm going to demo the TT Sunday hopefully. The speed differential won't be something I can take advantage of for the most part, as I'm cutting on a lot of slopes, and much of it is field cuts, not manicured flat estate lawn.

    Well, supposedly the Cheetah's suspension is comparable to the Ferris for providing comfort in the ride, but the dealer I spoke to <in the above post> also said that the wear and tear on a mower design of that sort would be significant if used on grass that was essentially pasture and fields. Many posters on this site claim that the smooth ride of a Super Z is near some of these Ferris and Cheetah rides. I'd like to demo the Super Z to test that claim out, but since the local dealer (a longtime Kubota dealership) who sold me my Z stopped carrying Hustler about 5 years ago I'm trying to set up a demo via the Ohio Regional Rep because the nearest dealer is about an hour and half from me

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