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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by McCarty"s, Dec 3, 2003.

  1. McCarty"s

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    I was getting my Billy Goat serviced today and I spoke to the owner about the Scag Couger. I told him I was under the impression from Lepco that they were discontinuing this model. He stated that was just a rumor, that they were over stocked by 400 plus machines in a warehouse somewhere. He told me that they were offering huge price reductions. He said I could get one with a 52 inch deck and a 25hp OHV Kohler engine for $7700.
    He also stated I could get the 52 inch 27hp liquid cooled Kawasaki for $8300. These prices are much less than the Walkers. I have heard that the Scag had some flaws but he reassured me that all the bugs were out. What do the professionals on here think?
  2. CSRA Landscaping

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    Cougar - great machine.

    Stay FAR away from Kawasaki.
  3. floridalawncare

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    take a look at your options on the scag compared to other units. you'll find the best bearings on the market in the wheels and spindles. a super thick deck, and check out the drive pumps. you'll find scag 2nd to none in every class. i've heard alot of complaints about scag. but i've used machines old as a '94 w.b. with a 48" deck and no problems. in fact i switched to dixie and grasshopper and really liked them both. but when the sum of it came together i went back to scag. scag had some assembly line problems from what i hear back in the mid-80's due to being sold out to metal craft of mayville. but they took scag from just offering a couple lines of machines to what they are today. how does 6000 hrs and never touching a spindle sound?
  4. Pal Meadows

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    I just purchased a Scag Super Z 61" rider for $500. A STEAL if you ask me?.?.
    I have run with scag as my first high speed walk behind and loved it. Now it is my first hogh speed Z turn as well.
    No real problems with my units, other than normal maint issues, but i do have a potential problem with my new 1994 super Z.
    I purchased it without the vacuum system and the deck was already modified for the vacuum. Does any one have a vacuum that they are selling for this unit??? If so I will buy.
    Please respond with Ideas or Item.
  5. Critical Care

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    I would really like to know how well the Cougar does in collecting grass as compared to the Walker GHS.
  6. CSRA Landscaping

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    I can't speak for the Walker, I've never used it. But I can say that the finished look of the Cougar is 10 times better (in most cases) than the finished look of the Tiger Cub, with the mulchmaster kit (and that ain't too shabby).
  7. Sam-Ohio

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    from Ohio
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    The Scag Cougar is really good about vacuuming up grass [even moist or rain wet] !

    They made the pick up tube far larger and the deck itself is very deep. This lets it move air and grass clippings better and is not prone to plugging as the old Turf Runner was [or Walker is]

    Two suggestions : Get the optional overfill alarm system so you know when hopper is full and needs dumped ,before you back plug everything.
    Don't get the water cooled Kaw engine. The radiator will pick up dry grass and plug up down where the engine is located. The air cooled Kohler has far less problems with the dry grass clippings.
  8. Critical Care

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    Sam, for sure I would have the overfill alarm if I ever got a cougar. The alarm on the Walker is nice.

    Now a few more questions about the Cougar. Is the pick up tube coming from the deck round, or rectangular? A salesman once told me that grass doesn't clog up in circular ones as easily.

    Question two... Does the Cougar also have a hundred grease fittings that you have to maintain like the Walker?

    Three... Those who have been on Walkers, is the Cougar as agile?
  9. ed2hess

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    We have a Scag Cougar that was first demoo units built 4 years ago. We are happy with the unit. The only difficult thing to grease is the rear drive shaft fitting. The brake fittings are behind the wheels and difficult but don't need much grease. The Walker does a better job in bagging...due to blade rotation probably. The one drawback of Scag is the weight, but everything is built strong. I like the fact that it is simple change to go from bagging to changing decks like with Walker. And Scag don't whin about warranty replacement.
  10. ksland

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    I demoed a Cougar last summer. Another member here along with myself performed a side by side comparison with the Walker. We mowed tall, dry, wet, short, fast, slow. End result....I bought a Walker. The cougar performed well and is a nice machine, but it was just about the same price and the quality of cut was a little better on the walker, it was smaller and lighter. So all around the Walker won in every category, But the cougar is still a nice machine. I paid $9K even for the Walker 20HP 48" GHS and the price was $8600 on the scag. Had it been 7K I may have chose it. But still would regret my decision through the years.

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