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scag cub or wildcat? which one

Sir mowsalot

LawnSite Senior Member
Central Pa.
After several weeks of trying out different ztr's, i decided to stay with my dixie chopper. Now i am considering buying again, which if i do its going to be scag. Either the wildcat or cub. Other than the size of motors and decks, is there a significant difference between the two? I did notice in the catalog that the wildcat has transmission oil cooler, and the cub dont. I am not a mechanical type person so i really could use some input on these two. If there is not much of a diff. i am going to go with the cub i think, cause its about $1000 bucks cheaper.


LawnSite Fanatic
We have the cub and it doesn't have a drive shaft to operate the blade belts and we are seeing belt breakage. If Wildcat has drive shaft and differential that would be a plus in my mind. Belt cost $70 per.