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scag deck roller


LawnSite Member
does anyone have suggestions on how to care for the front left deck wheel? the wheel is completely worn away on my used turf tiger, and even the bracket is badly bent/worn. as i trim around things, i can see the abuse the roller receives, it gets tons of side-loading. i have a new wheel and bracket to install, but i'm hoping that you folk have some advice to help protect the new one.

thanks for all help!


LawnSite Member
yes, the anti-scalp roller. attached is a picture. i don't know how abusive the previous owner was, i do know he wasn't the greatest with normal maintenance stuff. maybe simply replacing the roller before it is completely gone is the best answer. the scag is a 2002. does anyone recognize this level of wear? (hopefully the picture shows up)


mr mow

LawnSite Senior Member
well i can tell you i have used alot of scags in my life(toros and great danes) some way back in the day had 1200-1500hrs on them and then they got sold or traded but i have never seen an antiscalp get even close to that! for one thing they should barely touch the ground if at all, and maybe it the point of view of the picture, but it looks like it is pointed toward the center and bent down from the deck. Obviously in person you would have noticed that so no need in me saying anything(i think its point of view). try to raise the bracket,or replace it like i see your gonna do, but put the bracket a set of holes higher if not all the way as high is it can go.