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  1. Jbizzle

    Jbizzle LawnSite Member
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    So, long story short, my head hurts...

    I’ve been through just about every mower I can and I think I’ve narrowed it down to Deere or Scag. I just can’t pull the trigger, so any advise or opinions on why one is better than another I’d greatly appreciate. At this point I don’t know if I’m shopping for price or for what I want...

    Deere z915e - Deere z930m - Scag TT2

    I’m in the south so mostly cutting Bahia, weeds and St. Augustine.

    Thank you
  2. nwalls

    nwalls LawnSite Member
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    if the mower was for me to use and im the driver.. I'd stick with the IS2100 or 3200 mower.. the comfort is amazing and worth the extra money to save your back. If I'm purchasing for someone that is an employee I'd get the cheetah scag or Turf Tiger...built like a tank
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  3. marcusmac99

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    ^^ see nwalls posting ^^

    If you still come down to Deere or Scag, then chose based on the dealer. Who will support you better.
  4. Jbizzle

    Jbizzle LawnSite Member
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    Thank you both for taking the time to reply...I appreciate your input.
  5. CGros31

    CGros31 LawnSite Senior Member
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    Both are great machines, but in my opinion Deere has the slight edge for southern grass.
  6. whammer33024

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    you listed 3 different mowers and all of them are in different leagues. the 915 is entry level, the 930 is mid level, and the tt2 is on the very top rung.

    so what are you using it for? are you a homeowner or business? what size deck are we talking about? answer those questions and you might get better answers
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  7. Jbizzle

    Jbizzle LawnSite Member
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    I didn’t include further details as I didn’t want to add in too many variables. But if it will help...the Deere’s will be 60” and Scag 61” with the Kohler EFI (I know some of you feel this is an underpowered combo but it works for me). I am primarily buying it for my property but do intend on starting up a small business for my off days from my career job. Again, I didn’t initially include this info because I feel to most of you all 3 would be considered “overkill” for my intended application and I didn’t want that to cloud the water on any advice given.

    As far as being on three different levels I guess that’s what I’m asking...what makes one better than the others? Is there one that will outlast the others? Is one more user friendly or easier to maintain than the others? Are parts priced better or easier to get for one or another? What makes the 915 entry level and the TT2 top of the line? In a broad stroke generalization they are all commercial level machines with 60ish” decks and 25ish hp engines...

    As far as price again I don’t want that to be a deciding factor as there is only about a $50/month spread from the 915 to the TT2. Unfortunately at this point I can’t tell anymore if I am shopping price or for what I want. I want to buy this mower like it’ll be the last one I ever buy. I don’t want the cheapest because it’s the cheapest or the most expensive because it’s the most expensive...I want the best overall value.

    Thanks again for everyone’s input so far
  8. Ridin' Green

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    That's not exactly right bro. The 930 is top tier same as the TT and Cheetah. Just different HP numbers is all.
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  9. Ridin' Green

    Ridin' Green LawnSite Fanatic
    Male, from Michigan
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    I love the TT II, but I'll tell you that unless you are thinking of reselling it in a short amount of time and want the best resale, the 915 is all you need. It isn't entry level other than price. It is full commercial- engine, deck and frame. It just doesn't have the rear gauge wheels (neither do most of the Scag models) but they can be bought as an add on, and it has slightly smaller front tires that are pneumatic, which I greatly prefer for ride and not tearing on tight turns or reversing.
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  10. whammer33024

    whammer33024 LawnSite Senior Member
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    agreed, but most of us want/need the higher HP and that's why i'd put it more in the mid level. wasn't trying to put the 930 down at all.

    and i also agree with RG that based on what you'd be using it for, the 915 would suit you just fine
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