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Scag Died


LawnSite Member
Central NJ
While i was mowing a lawn I ran out of gas. Got gas and filled it up and now it won't start. If I spray carb/choke cleaner it starts right up and dies. The fuel pump is working, and is getting gas to the carb. Could this cause a clog in the jet and that cause it to stop working.

Bill Kapaun

LawnSite Senior Member
Albany, Orygun
Is it getting ENOUGH gas to the carb?
How long does it run when it starts?
Does it have the fuel shut off solenoid? If so, does it click when the ignition is turned on?

Mark in MD

LawnSite Senior Member
you should never run anything out of gas as all the trash sitting on the bottom of the tank....
Yep. Might be the tank filter at the bottom of the tank is clogged -- or worse, the filter came off at some point and the valve is completely clogged with debris. Hopefully you can just twist off and remove the valve to clear it. If the filter/screen is missing, you might try to replace it.

Otherwise, it might be your carb is clogged. But my guess it's most likely the fuel tank.

Mike Blevins

LawnSite Bronze Member
Same thing happened to my wildcat. Thought the worst thing was wrong but ended up being fuel filter. For a couple of dollars i was back up and running again.