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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by phreak99, Oct 26, 2004.

  1. phreak99

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    I went to a local dealer and he had a newly painted Scag 61" WB and only wanted $900. it had a newer 20hp briggs and straton engine that was only used for around 800 hours and all the belts and pullies were replaced. he said its only this cheap cuz its the off season which makes perfect sense. then he said once spring comes if the mower is still there he'll ask $1800, so after hearing this should i take this to be a good deal or a scam to get me to buy it now.
  2. Soupy

    Soupy LawnSite Gold Member
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    What year and model? Hydro or belt?
  3. Travis Followell

    Travis Followell LawnSite Silver Member
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    I think it sounds like a good deal whether its a gear drive or hydro.
  4. CathyLynn

    CathyLynn LawnSite Member
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    Sounds ok to us> We have used the 61" machines since 1990 but be wary of the Briggs! If it's a hydro and the machine will climb the trailer ramp both ways then you should be fine! Parts are readily available. Eveb if teh engine is bad you can switch to a 20 kohler and still have a good machine at a reasonable cost.
  5. phreak99

    phreak99 LawnSite Member
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    the engine was the only thing the guy had a year on and it was belt drive, i figured if it is decent enough to get me through my first season then i shouldn't have a problem financially being that i've aquired close to 80 customers in a townhouse complex. the lawns there only take 30 mins to mow and trim with a push but with something of this caliber it should be less than half i'm hoping. being that the lawns are so small i only charge $10 as a way to get more customers.
  6. meathead1134

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    10 dollars! Your going to catch alot of flack because of that. This is my first year and I won't even drop my trailer unless I get at least 30.00. But different areas mean differnt prices.
  7. BMFD92

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    I wouldnt touch a lawn for 10 dollars and if the lawns are only worth 10 dollars then bringing in a 61 walkbehind is just going to be a waste of time because it is going to be hard to move around and you won't be able to build a well striped lawn.
  8. phreak99

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    here's the thing though, the lawns are only 30ft by 60ft on average and they are side by side excpet for a few customers that are scattered. so i just treat the customers that are side by side like a single yard and just keep the stripes flowing. i'm only charging $10 because the last few guys to pass through charged $15 and only 20 or so people used them, so i'm lowballing in a way to get these customers and more.
  9. fcl01

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    from OHIO
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    you say the lawns are small but how small? BTW, your price is way low but for just starting out and being 18, grossing $800 for a 40 hour week aint too shabby. id rather do half the lawns for $20 ea. but as long as your happy with the money who cares. unless youre already contracted for 2005, i would call all of them and jack the price up a few bucks. most wont care about spending $13 compared to $10. and the 70 that dont care will more than make up for the 10 that do. just a thought.
    good luck

  10. fcl01

    fcl01 LawnSite Member
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    sorry! LOL
    was typing when you posted.
    (and changing diapers!) :p

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