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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by AlwaysBusy, Oct 15, 2013.

  1. AlwaysBusy

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    Does anyone know if this will fit on a newer 48" Tiger Cat. I'm looking at bagging systems for leaf use but $2500 seems steep to use it for 2 months a year on my yard.
  2. AlwaysBusy

    AlwaysBusy LawnSite Member
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    Looking to buy an Accellerator Grass catcher. Any forum sponsers carry these? Contact me please.
  3. Lazer_Z

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    Why can't you just go to a dealer? Accelerator has this page set up to search for dealers. It's as simple as typing in your zip code and you've got a list of dealers at your fingertips.
  4. AlwaysBusy

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    Valid question Rob...

    There are 5 results when I type in my zip code in the dealer locator. Three of the five results are the same business, with three separate locations. Neither of these three businesses/locations are an Accelerator dealer. :confused:

    The remaining two results are an identical listing. I called this business an the woman who answered was foggy about who Accelerator Industries was. She asked for a part number, and told ME to call her back in an hour as she had to contact the distributor for availability and pricing. Clearly she is not a sales representative or has no business sense as I would never tell a customer to call me back, let alone fail to ask for a name or telephone number.

    I even went as far as contacting Accelerator and asking for a dealer recommendation in my state. I called this dealer, asked if they had inventory of the GCSCV. The gentleman wasn't aware there was a GCSCV model and told me he'd have to contact his distributor. He had slightly more of a business sense and took my name and number and told me he'd get back to me. However, he never did.

    So, why was I asking for a forum sponsor to contact me? I've learned a lot of valuable information on this site, and as I'm not able to contribute and give back (I'm a homeowner and not in the industry)I figured my contribution could be of a different form, a patronage to a forum sponsor. Someone who actually helps others and provides a service. I've been noticing a trend for a long while, 95% of the items I purchase I know more about than the person selling them to me. In my opinion, a salesperson should know the products they are selling. If I learn more information from a manufacturers website in 5 minutes, I don't feel like this person should have my business. If a local dealer had one of these in stock that would be a different story - I'd be glad to stop by and pick one up. I spent 3 hours the other day calling around to see if I can find one locally.

    Heck, I may as well sign up as a dealer if it's as easy as asking for a part number, calling a distributor for availability, and relaying that information back to the customer....sign me up!

    So, if anyone wants a quick sale let me know.

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