Scag Giant Vac or Little Wonder?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by ClassicLawnCareInc, Oct 14, 2013.

  1. RSK Property Maintenance

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    well since bigger is better, and you want bigger, I would look on craigslist for used diesel leaf vac. with a 15" intake hose diesel is the way to go if you want big and badass.

    there's an 80hp john deere diesel giant vac. you want bigger there it is. you ready for that kinda sucking power. hide all small animals and objects that you want to keep because this will destroy anything that gets sucked in...a 16" inlet will take a **** ton of leaves, probably never clog.
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  2. recycledsole

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    lol 80hp

    good thread thanks for everyones input
  3. ClassicLawnCareInc

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    Man that would shred some leaves.
  4. Shades of Green LService

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    I bought the SCAG skid mount 18hp this season. Mounted on my trailor. I used to run billy goats for years. This Unit blows BG away. The set up and construction is FAR superior. IMO
  5. pugs

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    I find this thread a bit humorous. Never heard much about Giant Vac on this site in the past. It was always Little Wonder or Billy Goat questions. Now all of a sudden since Scag bought Giant Vac they are the best...LOL
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  6. baileylawnservice

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    Yeah it's pretty awesome I have used billy goat before. I am glad I bought the giant vac
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  7. caseysmowing

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  8. Shades of Green LService

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    It's the best of the 2 machines that I've used. Try one and see for yourself. Maybe less humorous then.
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  9. djagusch

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    For the OP. Have you thought about buying a skid mount and mount it under the dump bed, pass side, ahead of the rear wheel? It would take some brackets and such, also a hole in the dump bed to shoot through but it would be an ideal placement and would work well. I have seen this set up before locally and seems like the best way to go if you have a dually dump bed.

    Also a crew of three has unloaded my box and truck 4 times in a day with ease. So dumping once in a say maybe short sided.
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  10. caseysmowing

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    I have seen this type of setup and its pretty slick if you don't mind cutting a hole in the floor.
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