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I'm looking at buying a zero mower. For whatever reason they seem to be hard to come by lately. I have narrowed my choice down to 2...Scag Tiger Cat 2 or a Gravely Pro-turn zx. I think both dealers are giving me a decent price but I wanted to get some input on these. Both mowers are the 52" deck. The gravely has the Kawaski FX motor and the Scag has the Kohler. The Gravely is last years model while the Scag is a 21 model. The Gravely does come with the upgraded suspension seat. The cost on the Gravely out the door is $7500 the Scag out the door is $1900 more. My big question is ..... Is the Scag worth the extra $1900 ? I've had good experiences with Kawaski motors but never had a Kohler. Is that of any concern or are they reliable motors too?

Thank you in advance for any advice and input

Scag tiger cat II cuts better even on bump landscape. The Scag is better built. One thing to consider, the Scag can be subject to repairs if you get a lemon. examples: I had to replace the grommets on the fuel tanks after 282 hours. They leaked air so the fuel was starved on a hot engine and would not restart until the engine cooled down. Also, v deck is great but I had to return mine because it was out of specification where the baffle plates were welded. Covered by warranty but took 8 weeks to get the deck. Additionally, the space between the motor with air vents (Kohler engine) scag plate (by back of the seat) is very tight. You must blow out debris or if it builds the engine will overheat and you will get oil leak through the gasket.

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