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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by SouthernCutter, Nov 2, 2007.

  1. SouthernCutter

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    Well im starting to get real pis*** off about this mower. I feel like i bought a 5000 dollar piece of shi*. i bought a scag 48 in april and i have had the thing in the shop more time than i can count...... Well i dont have time to take the thing down to the shop during leaf season due to it be forever could yall tell me how to fix this..... I will get off the trailer, and i can have it throttled up, and push the speed lever all the way forward, and it will go into a crawl, i have to push the bottom levers out so that the mower will actually start to move. I can barely keep the thing going straight on a yard due to this, and then when i turn, i turn, and let the levers go and i will feel like its about to go forward, and i end up throwing myself into the mower, and it hurts, and then it takes off, and will either tear up grass, or mess up my stripe again.....what should i do?.....besides cuss at it and want to throw it off a cliff
  2. ed2hess

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    Okay this a hydro drive unit.?
  3. BanksPower

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    AWESOME mower by the way! Is it a Hydro? I can't tell you much about the belt drives but have a Hydro.....
  4. advantage landscaping

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    When I bought my Scag used it needed the transmission replaced. It was $230 for the part. But the activity was similar, I think, to what you say. The machine would kinda jerk foreward, stop, jerk, stop, and so on. It was really bad by the time I got it fixed, but the thing is like a new machine after. Runs smooth as can be.
  5. wahlturfcare

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    from your description, it sounds like a hydro. If so, check your tracking springs on the side of the frame above the wheels to see if they are broke, missing or stretched. If not, check your track levers is it is equiped with them. if you have to push the lower levers down to move, it sounds like a spring is messed up.
    my old scag did that once an spring stretched then once it was moving it would speed up and slow down ever now and then.

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