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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by odin, Sep 20, 2002.

  1. Last couple of months all we been able to get is solid foil hi lifts on oem blades.I haven been able to get notched foil hi lifts on oem scag blades for our walkbehinds.
    Dealer says scag has gone to all solid foil on their regular and hi lifts.
    The solid foils do seem to give a little more lift and cut a little better and its easy to get notched foil after market blades if we want em.
    Just wonderin in other parts of the country have any of you scag owners been able to get high lift oem scag notched foil high lifts for your machine's from your dealer.
  2. I wanted some solid foil regular scag blades but my dealer said all he could get was notched oem blades. Didn't matter if it was regular or high lift. Maybe it is a distributor thing:confused:
  3. swonkeg

    Maybe its a distributer thing or maybe the dealers only want to stock what they sell the most of.
  4. That or he just stocks the blades that have the highest retail markup. I still want to get a set of solid to see if I can completely eliminate my stringer problem. (mag-9000 sharpener has helped a bunch)
  5. Shady Brook

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    Hey Buddy, not sure about my dealer with those particular blades, I will try to ask when I talk to them next. Have you tried those Bobcat highlift offset blades? I think they work pretty well, I get mine from J Thomas. Just a thought.

    Take care
  6. jay

    How does the off set bobcat's do for stripping the scag solid foil seems to help the walkbehinds stripe excellent.
  7. Shady Brook

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    I do not have any experience with the offsets on my scag walkbehinds, but have used them on my exmark 48", but only with doubles, and with my Tiger in singles and doubles with standard lifts.

    The Tiger Stripes good with single offsets, and great with the doubles using offset's, and standards.

    The offsets drop the blades 1/2" lower, so you need to account for that with deck height, but it seems that it allows for more airflow under the deck, and a less clumpy discharge. At least that is my opinon, P&J has even more experience with the offsets, as he has 3 Tigers, and suggested them on the site.

    Let me know if I can help further

  8. mklawnman

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    Little confused?
    So are these solid foil blades just regular blades with no notch in them?? Cause i've boughten high lift blades for my Tiger and they are the same ones that came with the machine, they have the U shape cutout of them, and i've heard that these types of blades make the Turf Tiger stripe funny at times. I've tried doubles though both are high lifts and have seen no difference in stripe, just less clumps and clippings. I've thought that if i get some regular blades for the Turf Tiger, without the notch in them that it would stripe awsome.
    One other thing, I've seen a Bobcat ZTR in my area and the thing stripes alot like the Turf Tiger with the funny looking stripe down the middle. Now i only notice this funny looking stripe on different types of blades of grass so who knows.
    Any suggestion are always appreciated
  9. cnflawn

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    scag went to the solid winged blades with no notch. all oem blades will look like this soon. there are still distributors with the old ones in stock and many dealers as well. its not a choice of which one to stock since they are the same part # just an upgraded part.

  10. Tony Harrell

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    I pass by a country club type area all the time and it's incredibly striped every time. There are rolling hills and berms and the stripes just go up and over and across. These guys work for BUDD Landscape and use SCAG gear drive walkbehinds. I am very impressed with their work for sure. I'm gonna stop and see what they have underneath next chance I get. Just in case I have to ask them, does anyone know how to say "What kind of blades are you using?" in Spanish?!

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