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Scag, Hustler, John Deere


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Ok, i've narrowed it down to 3 ztr.

1. Scag Tiger cat. Kawasaki with the 48 in. velocity+.

2. Hustler Z4 kawasaki with the 48 in deck.

3. John Deere 910 with kawasaki and the 48 in. 7 iron pro deck.

all about the same class. All 3 are great dealers and are really nice to me. All between 6500 and 8000 or so.


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I'm a little bias toward John Deere, so between the 3, I would choose the Deere.

I have no first hand experience with Hustler, I know they make a good mower but the cut of the Hustlers just don't stand out to me.

Scags are another well built brand, but are very long in length. And the velocity decks are good decks from what I hear. I have never tried one nor seen one in my area, so I can't speak from any experience on them.

I'm buying a Deere this spring for a number of reasons. But Deere has the legendary 7-iron deck, which I think is one of the top decks on the market today. They also have great parts availability (yes, you usually need to go to the dealer for them) and if the dealer doesn't have them in stock, they can have parts for you over night if need be.

overtime mp

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Clinton, Iowa
I would go deere also. I like the hustler but the high priced around here. John deere is like only 4 miles away also. Not sure on your other one. Good luck to what you choose and a good season.
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i personally dont have experience with any of those brands, but around here everybody who isnt using exmark is using scag, if that helps...i think scag probably has the best deck too. again its a very "limited opinion" lol good luck, happy shopping

RTR Landscaping

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I will cast my vote for Scag. I don't know much about those other brands, but I know that Scag mowers are hard to beat. The velocity deck powers through tall or wet grass and never clumps.If your dealer backup is equal on all three brands, go with the Scag. blakerugg is absolutley right. Scag and Exmark sell more commercial mowers in most areas for a reason.


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i believe the deere is the best mower here....now i know some people will say they are not "tested" yet and are new machines of which their reliability is not known....i have to disagree....deere worked with parker after the 800 series pumps to revise them and they obviously made them good enough because those very pumps can be found under the seat of the next lazer z....the new pumps in the 900s are smoother and better....the rest of the machine is stout with a c-channel frame and the 7-iron deck....which can match the wet grass cutting of a velocity, then you got the brake and go, a cool feature, and the cast iron stuff up front.......can't go wrong, and you can bet that deere made sure the 900s are good because im sure they don't want another fiasco that the 800s turned out to be....just my oppinion


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Champaign, IL
Deere. That 7 Iron deck with that mower will be a good combo. The 900 is very different, also have non flats like the 997 that are ribbed and rounded. Go test the 900 and see for your self. They are real nice, and for deere, this is the last chance to stay in the ZTR market. They are gonna surprise some people this season, I think if you can, go jump on the 900 just for fun and see for your self!


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I would lean twards the scag or hustler, but im a dealer for them and I know they take great care of thier end users. So im biast but I have a good reason to be. I demo aginst deeres all day long and id but a scag aginst them every time. Better cut and durability.


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Southeastern Ma.
Hustler. I have tried Deere years ago and was not impresseed at all. They do make a great tractor though. I also used Scag for a couple of years better than the Deere but, once I tried the Hustler I was hooked. Very easy to maintain. Great cut. Well built. I have 6 now and a 54" Z4 on order for the spring.
I know that Deere has made many changes to thier Z's. So they might be OK now. But, are you not better off with a brand that has had a good history of great mowers?
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South Louisiana
Hustler would be my first choice, Scag would be my second.