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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by HankB, Jun 15, 2008.

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    I own a 05 scag tiger cub 48", I bought it new in the spring of 06. I thought I would have good dealer support which really did not happen. We mow 5 acres on our little farm and 3 acres on another home, thats it. The mower has broken the belt 3 times, and thrown a belt abot 4 times in the short time we have had it. Other than that I like the mower. Ran it by my dealer a couple times to get a belt and was told 2- weeks, I was not happy.

    I am now in the market for another mower. Went to that same dealer and told them I was buying another mower but I was reluctant to buy from them because of service. He commences to tell me scag has come out with a modification kit that will make the tiger cub run two belts instead of one belt which makes it not throw belts. They rent mowers and said they had the same problem.

    My thinking was, why did you not tell me this the third time I came in for a belt with a new mower I purchased from you. Anyway, I was not pleased.

    We are buying a second mower to put on our 3 acre place. I dont mow commercially but I don't mind spending the extra money for quality commercial equipment.
    I went to 5 dealers, only 2 of which I would do business with and looked at new mowers. I will not do business with the dealer I bought the scag from.

    The dealer I liked the best only had cub cadet, i test drove the commercial cub cade, but did not care for the ride. Anyway, I looked at a used late model hustler fastrac from a home owner, I test drove it, it was not even close to running like my tiger cub, it was junk, 2 years old about 100 hours, it really sucked.
    The I went and looked at a Toro Z master 48" 19 hp kaw. It was a 2007 with 31 hours on it. It looks like its a z 400. I have to say that thing drove exactly like my tiger cub, I was impressed, after driving a cub cadet, and hustler, I really liked the feel of quality and handling of the Toro.
    The guy wants 4700.00 for it, I know thats close to a new price, ( no it does not have the turbo deck) But also, I am taking into consideration of not having to pay 400.00 in tax on a new one. The dealer he purchased it from has a good rep. I hope the warranty is transferrable. I think I may offer him 4500.00 that would save me about a thousand dollars off a new one one.
    i could sure tell a huge difference in driving a commercial toro and a fastrac hustler, there was no comparison, in performance.
    My thinking was dealers don't warranty belts and blades and everything else is made to last a few years, why not buy a used late model with low hours and safe paying tax on a new one. Does anyone know if warranties are transferable? I am really leaning toward the toro z master for 4500.00, which looks like new are about 5000.00-57000.00 from what I can gather.
    I do know I am convinced about getting a commercial mower instead of a residential, after driving that hustler 52" with a 18 hp honda, it was crap.
    The only other option is the dealer I bought the scag from had a new dixon kodiak 52" with I think a 21-23 hp new for 6500.00, this deal was tempting but i don't want to buy from that dealer again. I own a retail store, we pride ourselves in customer service and really don't want to support a business that does give good service.
    I thought when I bought that scag I was paying for quality and trouble free service, well i was wrong, its a pain when you spend that kind of money on whats suppose to be one of the best, and its broke down about every 4 time out of the barn. My dealer told me I could pay 250.00 and get the new mod kit for the belts but as much trouble, that this thing has been, and the fact i bought the mower from them you would think they would put it on a no charge. Anyway, I have been looking and test driving and wanted to share my experiences.
    Anyway, I am just getting these thought down on paper, any comment appreciated.
  2. Mike Blevins

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    Sounds like your dealer needs to take the mower in and see whats up with the belt issue. I know a few lcos that have the Cub and they swear by them. I beleive your belt problems come from the dealer "setup". But if your not happy your not happy. I would recommend purchasing a different mower. Maybe the Dixon.
  3. Lawnworks

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    I thought that the upgrade kit to two belts was a warranty issue! I think they are supposed to do everything for free. Might want to call Scag to check or I can give you the number to my dealer and ask him.

    Scags are probably the toughest mower out there. The tigers will never break belts... I have one TT that did not break a belt till 1300hrs. I would not chance it w/ Dixon or Cub Cadet. I would stick w/ Toro/Scag and Hustler(not as good as Toro or Scag though).
  4. freshprince94

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    Try eXmark. If you're looking for a 48" deck, the Lazer Z HP (actuallly a 46") and CT would be great for you.
  5. HankB

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    The belt kit kit probably is a warrany issue, its just that the dealer I bought my scag from did not inform me of this and auctaully told me it would be about 250-275.00 to have installed. I wonder were they going to charge me for it, and then turn in a warranty claim as well with scag. It really doe not matter, if thats how they operate, thats there business. It really gets under my skin that the dealer I bought from continues to NOIT take care of my mower. Thats why i spent the big bucks in the first place, how disappointing. First I cannot get service on the belts it is breaking, then they want to charge me for something that is a warranty item. Instead they could have said, oh sorry you had a issue, bring it in scag has added a modified kit that is under warranty.

    I went in there explaining I was about to purchase another mower, and they still did not take of my previous purchase. Incredible!!! I will never set foot in there again. I found another scag dealer I did not know existed until this week, they have a good reputation and I think I will go in there in the morning, look at buying another mower and see if they would not mind servicing the one I mistakenly bought somewhere else. I want to do business with a dealer I can have a relationship with. I dont mind spending the money for good service. Products are products but good service is pricelss.
  6. tacoma200

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    Call Scag at 920-387-3150 and have a "long" talk with customer service and tell them about your problem with the belts and dealer. It's their job to keep the customer happy with in reason. I wouldn't give up on the Scag yet. I've had to get the company's involved before with dealer problems. There are so many having good luck with you model there must be something out of adjustment or something that can be done to stop this problem. You shouldn't have to buy a second ZTR as a back up, especially since you are not mowing commercially.

    If you need a belt in a hurry or want a back up belt call J-Thomas and get a few at a good price. They will have it to you very quickly. 1-800-828-7980
  7. HankB

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    Tacoma, thank you for your info, I will give them a call today.
  8. Mike Blevins

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    I'm kidding with the Dixon remark. Do a search on here about the Ode to Dixon thread and read about them. I didn't know so many people didin't like Dixon. You just need to take that mower to the "new" Scag dealer you found and tell him your problems and go from there. You already have the best mower now go find the great service! "Simply the Best" :usflag:
  9. HankB

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    Follow Up: Well, i went shopping for a second mower, at a new scag dealer, they gave great service, I ended up buying a toro z400 and he offered to call scag and try and fix it under warranty. They were a scag and Toro dealer. They gave great customer service. So I bought the new Toro from them, and they will get all my service work on my scag.
  10. capnsac

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    If you don't mind me asking, what kind of cub cadet did you try? You list every other model besides the cubs.

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