SCAG Hydro Problems

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by williamslawn, Nov 19, 2001.

  1. williamslawn

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    My 1998 Scag Turf tiger was making a noise out of the LH Hydro pump. We tore it down and did not find anything wrong. It would also quit pulling when the fluid got hot. I changed the filter and fluid and put it back together. Now I cannot get the air out of the system. Any suggestion would help. Also put new gaskets and o-rings.
  2. rja

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    I have not torn down the hydro system, but I have added the cooler package and replaced the oil and filter a number of times. The only time anything strange happend was after the first oil change. When I started to move the machine, it made a strange noise. This quickly went away and everything was fine. I think that I did not let it idle long enough before trying to move it and the oil had not fully circulated leaving some air in the drive motor. I would check with your scag tech.


    On edit. the machine is a 1999 turf tiger
  3. CT18fireman

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    If the fluid level is right then you need to get fluid into the rest of the system. We always just rocked the controls back and forth until the fluild was fully circulating. The system will be noisy until this happens. I would not worry about the noise. Also you should know that those pumps are pretty strong IMO. I have replaced many more greasshopper pumps then scags.
  4. williamslawn

    williamslawn LawnSite Member
    from SC
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    Took it to my Scag dealer. He tore it down 3 times and could not find out what was wrong with it. He finally had to put a new one on and now after $550.00 it is fixed.:(
  5. hflores3

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    I now have the same symptoms. Changed the hydro fluid and filter its "noisy."

    I seems that I simply need to "get it in the air" and move the drives forward and backward. That the fix?
  6. ricky86

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    How long did it take you to find this thread? It's from 2001??????
    Why not just start a new one?
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    Is being a smart ass a pre-requisite to this forum? For crying out loud.
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  8. hflores3

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    I will go to a different forum. Thank you nonetheless.
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  9. djagusch

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    Jack the rear wheels up and run it forward and reverse. Let it sit overnight and top it off. It should be fine then.

    In the future prefill the filter with new oil (it almost takes a qt) and install it. Normally it will work good right away then. Just top it off the next day.
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