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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by jubjub5418, Mar 7, 2006.

  1. jubjub5418

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    hey guys I recently bought a used scag 52 walk behind hydro. the problem im having is the pto engagement switch will click off intermiitenly while mowing. I can turn the swich back on and it will run fine for a few minutes then click back off. I bought a new switch and installed it but it still does it. does this switch have some kind of circuit breaker? its a older model with a toggle type switch. any ideas thanks jason
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    Well Jason, Sounds like your PTO clutch may be worn and the air gap too wide, That causes the clutch to draw too much amperage staying engauged and could be heating the switch up and causing the spring in the switch to expand and not hold the on position. If you have a adjustable clutch there are three slots just above the pulley where you insert a 0.12" feeler gauge and adjust rotating around the three until all slots are at 0.12" and that mite solve the problem.
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    Rob prolly hit it on the head. check your clutch resistance with a meter, it should between 2.6- 3.6 ohms of resistance. if its lower than that, it will overheat the elect system and cause your blades to shut down.

    it def sounds like a bad clutch to me or a overcharge situation possibly.

    good luck
  4. jubjub5418

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    hey guys thanks for the responses. the air gap was way to wide like 65 thousanths. I adjusted it late last night but was unable to test it. hopefully its fixed

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