Scag Hydro Yes/No?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by swonkeg, Dec 8, 2003.

  1. Have the chance to buy a 3 month old scag wb hydro 17 Kawi-48 inch with proslide and grass catcher for $4500. Retired person bought it in August along with a scag 32 inch and last week decided he did not want to cut grass in his retired life;) mower has about 60 hours on it. Good Deal or Just OK deal.
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    So you get two mowers in this deal?
    If so, go for it.
  3. $4500 Just For The 48 Hydro with proslide and bagger. Guy wants $2300 for 32 inch-I think its a little high for a 32 inch. I already have a scag 36 inch wb belt drive that has been bullet proof so far..... 99 percent of my yards are residential 4000 to 15000 sq. feet.
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    show up at his door with $4k in hand and see if he'll take it. That would be a decent deal IMO.
    The mower is around $4300 new and the Proslide around $350 and catcher almost $200 if it is a GrassGobbler. Total $4850 approximate invested for the guy. It's probably worth alittle more than $4k but it will be hard for him to sell this time of year.
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    is the 32 a Hydro if so you could get both units and swap out the 32 deck with your 36 and have a 36 hydro and sell the belt drive. See what his bottom dollar is and go from there.

    Eric is right he will have a tuff time selling them now and you know the saying money talks
  6. Man I need to move closer to some of you guys with the prices quoted for equipment.... The 48 hydro with proslide and bagger cost the guy $5600 + tax. Dealer showed me the ticket from when guy purchased it and the 32 inch is a belt drive machine and he paid $2800 + tax for it. Prices in my area are always a little higher than what I read about on Lawnsite. Part of the problem is a lack of good competition in town. We have exmark, gravely, JD dealers but all leave A LOT to be desired with prices and SERVICE. This mower is at the scag dealer now and if it doesn't sell by end of week he will call the local big guy who will buy it .(12- 3 man mow crews, 2 landscape crews and 1 irrigation crew) Will try negotiating price before buying for sure.
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    Find out if you will get the remainder of the warranty. Also on the prices I was going by they're probably cheaper than many dealers (with that in mind $4500 might be ok). They do not have Proslides but I hear they are around $350. They do sell the Scag and Grassgobbler though. Good luck.
  8. IS it the fixed deck hydro or the floating deck ultimate 48 hydro?
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    Money talks. Is the dealer selling the mowers for the owner? If so why not talk directly to the actual owner and see if he will cut you a deal on the spot. Must have money in hand.

    Also sounds as if the dealer is pressuring you into the deal.
  10. FSM: My dealer told me he will honor the remaining warranty
    Odinn00: Fixed deck
    lilred: dealer is selling mowers but all negotiating has to be done with actual owner.
    Spoke to owner earlier this evening and got a price of $4300. Looked under deck today and it still has paint on most of it.
    Will look again tommorrow and make my decision. My thanks and gratitude to all.

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