Scag Long grass wraps around Driveshaft. Normal??

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by aussiegreg, Dec 15, 2004.

  1. aussiegreg

    aussiegreg LawnSite Member
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    G'day Guys and Gals
    I have recently bought a 2001 Scag Turf Tiger 25hp 52 inch deck.
    In long grass of 1 foot or more that is thick and matted, the grass wraps around the driveshaft and then works its way into the seal of the cutter deck gearbox and breaks the seal and leaks oil. I have already replaced one gearbox because of this and then 3 hours later it started to leak again. I have only had the machine for 40 hours after buying 2nd hand.

    Has anyone had a similiar problem of grass wrapping the driveshaft and then subsequently damaging the cutter deck gearbox seal.??

    Is this a common problem with driveshaft driven machines.??

    Any help appreciated.
  2. jt5019

    jt5019 LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I have never had that problem with my scags but i dont cut grass that long often so i cant reall offer you much advice.
  3. rob1325

    rob1325 LawnSite Senior Member
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    I also never had that problem have two machines over 2,550Hrs each with no problems with it, though don't use it to cut down 12" + of grass regulary. I do it occasionally on open lots couple times a year and still no problems.
  4. Green Care

    Green Care LawnSite Senior Member
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    never had that problem maybe you should think of buying a bush hog for those jobs or renting 1.
  5. YardPro

    YardPro LawnSite Gold Member
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    i was thinking the same thing
    with foot high grass i would think more along the lines of a busg hog, not a mower that was designed as a finish mower
  6. ed2hess

    ed2hess LawnSite Fanatic
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    There is a guard that you can get to put on the gear boxes to help prevent the to scag is a donut shaped device somewhat like a big washer with a flar on it. We installed them on SCAG cougar....after replacing the seal..luckly I caught oil drip before gear box went dry.
  7. aussiegreg

    aussiegreg LawnSite Member
    Messages: 49

    I have the guard on it but grass still got in after 30 minutes of mowing.

    I saw the Scag Australian Importer on this troublesome site ( pictures attached) today as I have been demoing new machines and he gave no solutions, just that they are not designed for that type of work. The Toro and Hustler reps said that it was extreme conditions but that the mowers can handle it.

    I finally worked out that if you only cut with half the deck the driveshaft is above the previously cut grass and will not get wrapped in grass. I have replaced one gearbox and now 2 seals because of this problem.

    Wouldn't you think that the national rep would have these solutions ??? Thats why i am 99% sure that I will buy a Toro Z597 the 27hp diesel 60in deck. So much tourqe and power that I nearly flipped it (wheelstand) when I did a hard accelaration on flat ground ( I had to change me undies )


  8. YardPro

    YardPro LawnSite Gold Member
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    that is not what the unit was designed for.....

    you should have a bush hog for that grass...

  9. Travis Followell

    Travis Followell LawnSite Silver Member
    from KY
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    We have a JD front mount z trac and it has a shaft driven deck and we mowed tall grass like that several times and have had no problem with grass wrapping around the shaft. Like said earlier that is probibly too much to be mowing with it. Good luck.
  10. launboy

    launboy LawnSite Senior Member
    from indiana
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    ive cut huge lots/fields when the grass is that long maybe even longer. never ever has that happened to my tigers. (2000,2001,2002,2003 models).

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