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Scag Mag III 72" commercial mower, 28 HP Kubota diesel Asking $6,250

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by horsinaround, May 9, 2005.

  1. horsinaround

    horsinaround LawnSite Member
    Messages: 1

    Scag Model MAG III heavy duty commercial mower. This is a great machine for golf courses, commercial mowing or large home lawns. It has the Kubota 28 HP Super 5 Series, water-cooled, heavy duty Industrial/Commercial diesel engine. This machine has only 360 hours on it. It has a 72 inch cutting deck with three blades and power cutting height setting. It is considered near zero turn - it can turn tight enough to mow around a small tree. Top cutting speed is up to 8 mph. It is easy to operate - foot pedal forward for forward mowing and foot pedal back for reverse. It also has power deck tilt which raises the mowing deck for cleaning or blade sharpening. Oil changes and other recommended maintenance has always been done on it at the recommended intervals. There is some weather-checking on the tires as the first owner, who put 100 hours on it, kept it in an exposed location. We have owned it since 2002, using it for mowing our 15 acre lawn, and have always kept it in an enclosed garage. Other than a few paint chips and a small piece of foam missing from one arm rest (got too close to a low-hanging tree branch!) there is nothing broken or missing on this mower. Email with questions or for many more pictures. Asking $6200 Make offer!


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