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I am looking in to buying a 61&quot; scag mower with a 25hp Kohler. I have been quoted a price of 7950.00. Does this sound about right? And what is good and bad about scag. By the way this is a zrt.<br>thanks in advaance!


Springfield, IL
Same mower at Russo Power Equipment in Chicago is $6699.99. Phone 1-877-DO-Russo. Warranty, schmarranty! Don't let your local dealer blackmail you into spending $1200 more to get &quot;preferred treatment&quot;. <p>John


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I couldn't believe the prices that Retro67 was getting in Chicago once he responded to my SCAG discussion, but the market is much larger in that area. I am in Indiana and the going rates for a 61&quot; SCAG with 25hp Kohler are about 7600-7800. These are the best deals in the state of Indiana because I have looked. The Kohler engine drops the price by about $100 on the Turf Tiger's because it is not water-cooled and as durable over the long hall in comparison to the Kawasaki. These comments I have heard from several landscapers and mowing business owners. Unless you want to drive to Chicago, I'd say you should get your dealer down another $150-200 dollars before I buy.


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Evansville, IN
Ditto Turfmaster.<p>I paid $7,600 for my Scag 61&quot; with a 25 HP Kohler. I'm in Southern Indiana. (I may have driven to Chicago to save a 1000 bucks.)<p>----------<br>D. Tom<br>


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paid $7800 last year for my 61&quot; Turf tiger w/ the 25hp kohler here in NY. You can get a better price in more populated areas. it also depends if you have a trade in too. the best price i have seen is about 7500 for the same model, but you have to travel. if you buy all your equipment from the same dealer you'll get better prices in the future and better service. <br>thats a decent price, talk him down $100 but keep the other factors in mind. <br>every think about the liquid Kawi??<br>anybody out there have the 22hp kawi on there mower?????

steven Bousquet

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evry interesting replies, we buy at least one tractor per season and sometimes two, I always tell my dealer to charge me whats fair , I make a rules for my suppliers you take care of me and i'll buy eveything from you. the only time i won't buy from you is if you don't have it. I don't price shop, I value shop. which supplier is going to meet my needs, most of the time. If they will open early,stay late, visist the work site. deliver even for a fee. return phone calls,give me honest advice, etc. a thousand bucks is alot of money just make sure saving a few bucks up front won't cost you later.<br>good luck, <br>p.s. funny to hear about price shopping for mowers but we hate it when our clients do that to us.


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i do think it is diffrent though.... when pricing shopping for a mower you know exactly like you want and get the same mower whether you pay 7000 or 8000. landscaping is diffrent because everyones work has diffreent results. also with a mower any shop that carries that brand will honor the warranty... the shops around here are pretty good like that. that is there reasoning for price shopping. i never price shop, i have one dealer i have been buying all my equipment from for years. he is definitly more expensive than other places but also has the best service around. if i go in thee with a problem with one of my equipment he'll have one of his guys drop what hes is doing to get me back on the rode...i cant ask for more, besides that he is very strait foward and he will tell you the truth about equipment to buy.

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