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As I relayed in a previous discussion, I am the recent owner of a Scag Turf Tiger 61&quot;, 25 HP.<p>I have a question on starting the Kolher engine. I have noticed sometimes when I start it that it seems that maybe the starter catches the engine right on the compression stroke and is not able to turn over the engine. If I release the key switch and retry, it normally turns over and starts. Anybody experienced this with Kohlers. (I did check the battery voltage and charging system...A-Okay)<p>Also, I have seen some earlier posts regarding backfires upon shutting down Kohlers if you don't let them idle shortly before shutdown. From reading the Kohler manual (yes, some people actually read that stuff), they talk about some engines having &quot;shutdown solenoids&quot; and others not having this. If you don't have the solenoid, you need to do the idle thing before shutting down.<p>Wiring for boom sprayer - I recently purchased a small boom sprayer to pull behind my Scag. I had to wire for the 12V supply back to my hitch. Radio Shack makes a Red momentary pushbutton switch that fits perfectly into the end of one of the steering bars. (Let me know if you want the part number.) Then you can run the wiring down inside the bar. I put a automotive relay and fuse inside the side pod control panel that the button is wired to. Works pretty slick. You just start pullin' the boom sprayer and hit the button when you wanna spray. No toggle switches to forget to turn off and &quot;burn&quot; a hole in your lawn.<p>More Scag discussions to follow.<p><p>----------<br>D. Tom<br>

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