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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Mowingkid35, Aug 25, 2012.

  1. Mowingkid35

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    I want to see, hear, find out what everyone's thoughts are on Scag Machines. I stopped in at a dealership yesterday that had the machines, drove one and fell in love with it, im a true green guy at heart (JD) and cant see myself running anything else, but its time for us to buy 3 new machines and would like to look into other brands. Thoughts, comments or pictures please
  2. vtlawncarepro

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    john deere are great machines my father has two, but im an orange kinda guy lol scag and husky, so lets see my first commercial machine was and still is in my fleet its a scag sw-48 walk belt drive 14 hp kohler good machine over 2000 hours and used everyday but sundays and i also still have a freedom z as my back up mower. they are very tough built mt freedom only has 1000 or so hours but nothing went wrong besides routine things blades belts etc....... i recently bought a husky but that was because the cheetah was not on my price level with a bagger i was looking at 13400 with a bagger and the husky was 9800 cash price. but the cheetah cut thicker grass with less engine bog but however i noticed the scag didnt stripe as good i know thats hard to believe but it could have been the deck pitch blades ....etc but it was harder to make the scag stay straight when striping but not trying to say the scags bad but in vermont my closest scag dealer is an hour away but husky is rite in town so its all preference to what you like and scag is number two on my favorite list i just think that my husky suites my needs best and if i had a closer scag dealer i would have bought one but there a great machine and run well if you take care of them best of luck go for the turf tiger lol
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    We are all about the orange. We have run bunton, walker, wright stander, and keep coming back to scag. For us they have been more reliable, less costly, less maintenance in general and the big one neing more heavy duty than the others.
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  4. Mowingkid35

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    Thanks for the Replies!
  5. Jimslawncareservice

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    I've had scag, exmark, wright and deere. One thing for me is the deere service. I drop a mower off and they get it done usually within a day or two depending on if they need parts or find some other unplanned issues. I also get a loaner, often a new machine. Now most other dealers are 2 weeks out at minimum. I rarely have to order parts from deere. Other brands carry one type of blades, a belt, filters and that's about it.

    One thing I like about the deere deck is its opening is big enough to get the clippings out quickly, and keep some in to chop them up. I always had cut twice and blow the clippings to get rid of them on longer grass or thick grass with my scag. I'm not saying scag is bad. I would buy another, most likely a cheetah because of the ride. But grasshopper or husky may win out because of service. They are the same dealer.
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  6. Moose's Mowing

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    I bought a used Scag Wildcat last year with 1700 hrs. I do this part time and have about a dozen weekly accounts. I can't find one bad thing to say about the Scag. I did a lot of home work before I started shopping. I compared JDs, Scags, Exmarks, Hustlers and Gravely. I went with the Scag for a few reasons. The main one being that I used to run one at a catering company I worked for in college. They had a big property and hired a lot of dumb kids. They beat the living hell out of that Scag and it never quit. That really sold me on their quality.

    Mine just quit on me on this week while mowing my last property of the week. just shut off and coasted to a stop. turns out it was just a bad fuse that melted due to a short. fixed it in 10 minutes and im off and running again. I really like the Scag, they're built rock solid and real easy to service and maintain. cuts wonderfully too. I just swapped out my gator mulching blades for standard low lifts and noticed a huge increase in cut quality. the clippings are longer but they get dispersed much better and the deck doesn't clog as much.
  7. puppypaws

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    Scag TT with the big block Vanguard is a tried and true workhorse. The Cheetah is also getting very good reviews, if you have a use for its speed, you may want to demo a Cheetah for the added productivity and excellent ride.

    There is no mower better proven than the TT, and its resale value is second to none.
  8. djagusch

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    You don't have a Scag dealer in your area. The Scag TT you owned was a 10cc model with a advantage or older deck.

    Yes a lot has changed since then.
  9. Jimslawncareservice

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    Yes 40 minutes away ( I never said I didn't have a dealer)and doesn't carry a lot of parts. Maybe its changed now. Just the deck has changed and the pumps. Pumps don't have anything to do with cut quality. I've cut with velocity. I don't get them long enough to do real tests, but the v ride I had demoed cut horrible. The cheatah and the tt I cut with did great. Like I said scag isn't bad and I would buy one again. But the service and parts availability make it hard to buy anything else. I also can get parts delivered to my house from my dealer.

    The scag dealer is a good guy and mechanic. I just wish he had more parts, even simple ones like deck wheels. Now the grasshopper and husky dealer I mentioned earlier has a ton of parts. Enough to build another mower and have some left over. We besides the frame and deck. Reason I like them is all the attachments you can use on them. The deck isn't quite as nice as the 7 iron or velocity, but close. Only someone who looks at grass 50 hours a week would notice.
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  10. Green_Pips

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    The V-Ride cut horrible? They all have the same decks dont they? My V-Ride cuts like Tony The Tiger!

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